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10 Reasons Why You Should ‘Not Miss’ Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 9 This Weekend - PICS

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The most awaited moment of the year is here. The biggest Bollywood stars - Shahrukh Khan is on Salman's show Bigg Boss 9. Shahrukh will be promoting his film Dilwale that released on Friday (18th December), on the show.

Back to back promos of Bigg Boss 9 - SRK-Salman's Karan Arjun act, Sholay act and then both dancing for Gerua, were released. The promos that featured the Khans created lots of curiosity among the audiences and their fans of what might happen on Bigg Boss 9 when the two Khans meet. Today, finally the moment is here, when the duo will be together on the biggest reality show of television - Bigg Boss!

We had also reported about their shooting, and it was said that SRK, who was to shoot and leave the studios immediately, ended up having a long chat with Salman.

Every season, Salman was asked if SRK would come on his show to promote his film and Salman used to reply positively, saying he wish SRK would visit his show.

It has to be recalled that Salman had even said in an interview that working with SRK in Bigg Boss 9 was a good start. SRK had even said in an interview to PTI, "More than reprising the Karan Arjun feel, it's just nice always to be with Salman. We share a lot of personal moments together but we were shooting after a long time."

SRK further added, "We were together for three-four hours and talked more than shooting the promo, which we did in one, one and a half hours."

Yesterday (Day 69), we just had a glimpse of what Shahrukh and Salman Khan might do in the Bigg Boss 9 house. They had a chat and also played a game 'thappad se daar nahi lagta saab', which was fun. They questioned each other to know how well they knew each other.
Today (Day 70) is going to me more fun.

Want to know why? Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't miss today's episode of Bigg Boss 9...

Entry Of SRK-Salman

We always say, "The beginning of any show should not be missed." Same thing goes here too, SRK and Salman are going to make a damakedar entry in ‘Jai-Veeru' bike and ‘Karan Arjun' style.

SRK-Salman’s Dance

As we said, Shahrukh and Salman are going to dance for each other's song, which shouldn't be missed either. SRK and Salman have always danced for their songs and this will be first time that they will be seen singing each other's movie songs and dance together.

SRK-Salman’s Dialogues

We had already reported that SRK and Salman are going to be saying each other's popular dialogues. SRK will be seen saying Salman's famous ‘commitment' dialogue, while Salman will be seen saying SRK's ‘Don' dialogue.

SRK-Salman’s Hilarious Jokes!

Do you know how SRK and Salman joke when they are together? Well, here is a glimpse... Salman will be seen telling, "People were expecting a lot from us, that this time, what different they are going to do?" SRK says, "Pehle to hum iss kele (banana) ko iss chilke se alag karenge, after all iss raat ko alag jo BANANA hai."

Well, this is just a start, the duo is going to create a laugh riot on the sets....

SRK-Salman Play Games; Relive Their Childhood Days!

We just saw a game that both of them played, yesterday. The fun will be doubled today as there will be more games that the duo will be seen playing. SRK and Salman will play a game which they name as ‘Sar Pe Chadhana'.

SRK & Salman’s Confessions

There was this game, ‘Media Vs Reality', where the duo will be seen telling how media blows everything out of proportion. We might see SRK and Salman clearing many rumours and can we expect confessions?

SRK, Kajol and Salman Play Together

SRK and Salman will be seen making Kajol play a game, that Salman and Kajol were playing on the sets of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Not only, Kajol, but Salman and SRK will also be guessing what each other say by reading their lip moments.

SRK-Kajol Dance For Gerua

SRK and Kajol will be seen promoting their film Dilwale that was released on Friday (18th December). They will be creating magic by dancing for their romantic song Gerua.

Suspense Of Will SRK & Kajol Enter House?

After all masti on the sets of Bigg Boss 9, will SRK and Kajol enter the house. If they do, what games are they going to play with the contestants of the house?


Last but not the least, the eviction. We now know that Salman has announced Priya, Rishabh and Gizele are safe; and Rochelle and Suyyash are in danger. Both being pretty strong contestants of the house, it has to be seen, who will be evicted from the house today.

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