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After Ishaani, Now Ranveer Says, ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi had hooked the audiences to the television. This show has become one of the favourite shows, and no doubt, it will definitely top the chart in the coming time.

Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Ishaani's (Radhika Madan) love-hate saga is loved by all and this has been finally put to rest now as the couple have expressed their love. The couple will start loving each other.

We saw Chirag being beaten up as he tried to put wrong allegation over Ranveer's wife Ishaani. When Chirag went out of his limits insulting Ishaani in front of all present in the Gujrati Diamond Conference, RV started beating him up. He kicks Chirag almost to death.

RV becomes uncontrollable when Chirag asks him to beat him more. Sharman, Ritika and Ishaani try to stop him but in vain. Finally Chirag will be thrown out and RV leaves from the place.

Ishaani follows RV to home, where again he will be seen breaking things. Though Ishaani tries to say that he will be hurt and to stop but to no avail. Ishaani thinks that RV is angry on her and he is destroying all things at home because of her.

It is only when Ishaani gets hurt that RV comes to reality. He says he is angry on Chirag and his words, not with her. He even adds that he wanted to beat Chirag to death for making Ishaani suffer. RV expresses all his feelings right from his childhood till now towards her.

Finally, he confesses his love to her and promises to never hurt her anymore. Previously, we saw Ishaani saying ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi', and now it is Ranveer's turn.

Chirag Beaten

Chirag was beaten so badly by RV that everyone around were shocked seeing this.

Shameless Chirag

Chirag not only provokes RV to beat him, but also becomes so much shameless that in front of RV he gives flying kiss to Ishaani.

Uncontrollable Ranveer

Ranveer is so much angry on seeing this attitude of Chirag that he kicks him almost to death. He doesn't stop beating him even after Ritika, Ishaani and Sharman stop him.

Ranveer Stops

Finally RV stops beating Chirag when the community people stops him. Chirag will be thrown out by the security.

RV Destroying Things

Ishaani follows angry RV to home, where he will be seen destroying things. Ishaani tries to stop him by telling Chirag was wrong and not to be angry on her, but in vain.


Amba, Lakshmi and Baa are seen imaging and discussing the scene that was happening in RV-Ishaani's room. Again Amba and Baa will be seen fighting.

Ishaani Hurt

Ishaani hurts her hand and blood starts oozing. RV stops and does first aid.

RV Expresses Himself

RV is seen expressing himself and saying how he feels about her. He says he loves her from childhood but expressing his love now.

Ishaani In Tears

Ishaani cries listening to all these. She is sad and at the same time happy that she got back her love.

Ranveer Says, ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’

Finally RV says the magical words that Ishaani (and we) has (ve) been waiting for. Now RV will be seen saying, ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi'.

Ishveer’s Sweet Memories

RV recalls Ishaani and his memories of past. He recalls his childhood friendship with her and the present sweet moments.

Baa-Amba Not Happy

It looks like Baa and Amba are not happy seeing Ishveer together. They take them away from each other. Ishaani will say to herself that if RV is with her she can face anything in life.


Amba doesn't like Ishaani from before and both Amba and Lakshmi take him to other room. While Baa takes Ishaani to the other room.

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