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After Rishabh Sinha, Puneet Vashist To Enter The Bigg Boss 9 House!

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Puneet Vashist, who has mostly played antagonist roles, is all set to enter the Bigg Boss 9 house. After Qubool Hai actor Rishabh Sinha's wild card entry, the game has turned over and the trouble in the house has almost reached its peak.

In the recent episode, we saw how the secret task was assigned to Rishabh and Mandana Karimi and how these two tortured the housemates, who were enacting the role of staffs of the hotel.

While few people thought the task Hotel Bigg Boss 9 was interesting, some believed that Rishabh was too much to handle, as he tortured Kishwer, who was being targeted. After this task was telecasted on TV, people took to Twitter to express their views on Rishabh's torture and Kishwers ‘eww (spitting in Rishabh's drink) moment'.

Also, Sargun Mehta joined Rishabh and Mandana to torture the housemates/staffs of hotel BB 9. Before Sargun left the house, she reviewed the hotel saying that the staffs are good but due to lack of proper service (as the given task was not done properly), she deleted one star from 7 star hotel.

To add more masala in today's episode, Ali Quli Mirza, Sanaa Khan and Adi will enter the house as the guest. These guests will be seen testing the patience of the housemates in the Bigg Boss house.

While Sanaa and Ali will be targeting Aman Verma, Andy will be making Rochelle Rao and Keith dancing in the pool! Also, Ali will make Rimi feed him and dance! Prince will be seen having a major fight with Rishabh.

After Rishabh's wild card entry and Sanaa, Ali, Sargun and Andy's guest entries in Bigg Boss house, another person who will add more ‘masala' to the show is said to be Puneet!

Read on to know more about Puneet and his entry in Bigg Boss house.

Puneet In TV Shows & Bollywood

Puneet In TV Shows & Bollywood

Puneet was seen in TV soaps - Shastri Sisters (as Dr. Raghuvendra), Jhansi Ki Rani (as Karma), Banoo Mein Teri Dulhann (Harsh) and many other shows. Puneet had also done few Bollywood projects with Shahrukh Khan (Josh and Happy New Year), Akshay Kumar (Aflatoon), Ajay Devgn (All The Best: Fun Begins).

Did Puneet Say BB 9 Contestants Are Idiots??

Did Puneet Say BB 9 Contestants Are Idiots??

Puneet was quoted by an entertainment portal as saying, "I am entering Bigg Boss to show everyone- what Puneet is all about.. and will take up the TRP's to a magical level! The house is currently occupied with 'idiots', who have made the show shockingly boring!"



Looks like Puneet doesn't like Rishabh already! The actor added that the first thing that he intend to do once he enters the house is to tell Rishabh Sinha that he behaves like a truck driver! Oops, this is a shocking comment. Rishabh is already having enemies in the house and if he hears this statement we are sure Puneet too, will be added in the list!

Did Puneet Say He Is Unique?

Did Puneet Say He Is Unique?

The actor also added that if Rishabh continues in the same way, he won't get any work, once he is out of the house. He also added that he is not someone like Imam Siddique, Dolly Bindra or Ali Quli Mirza (ex Bigg Boss contestants), he is Puneet Vashist.

Puneet Says,

Puneet Says, "Dhamaka hoga ab!"

Adding that he has been the bread earner of his house since the age of 14, Puneet was further quoted as saying, "I have been there, done that. So do not mess with me! Endemol approached me because they knew, I am hot headed and can stand up for myself. Dhamaka hoga ab!"

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