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Phir Bhi Na Maane.. Badtameez Dil: Meher-Abheer Had A Painful And Ugly Divorce! [PHOTOS]

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Phir Bhi Na Maane.. Badtameez Dil, the Star Plus' new show has captured the interest of many in just a couple of episodes and the latest episode reveals more about the protagonists, Abheer and Meher played by Pearl V Puri and Asmita Sood. The two apparently have had an ugly divorce which also exchanged hands a whopping Rs. 2.5 crore.

The first episode of the show introduced the two lead characters - Meher and Abheer, and their headlock at the work place because of their history of love, marriage and divorce. Though Meher seems to have her emotions under control, the same cannot be said about Abheer, what with him dragging her out of a party to remind her she was the cause of their divorce.

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The latest episode had Abheer not regretting his behaviour towards Meher but rather deciding to give her a better welcome the next day. Meher, on the other hand, will be seen hurting due to the hurtful things Abheer threw at her but deciding to stay strong until she becomes immune to his words.

Abheer and Meher, yet again have a clash of words in the boardroom the next day in the office. Abheer tries to intimidate her using all that he knows about her. But Meher gives it back by putting him in place by making it clear that she is not the same person she was eight years ago.

Badtameez Dil's upcoming episode will have more friction between Meher and Abheer due to their differences in the company.

Phir Bhi Na Maane.. Badtameez Dil

Phir Bhi Na Maane.. Badtameez Dil revealed more about the two lead characters, Meher and Abheer, who would have had a failed love-marriage and a painful divorce which seem to still hurt the two after eight years.

Meher Hurt

Though Meher would have stood strong against Abheer when he dragged her out of the party, she will be seen visibly disturbed after leaving the party.

Meher In College

Meher thinks about her college days when she entered the college that changed her entire life forever. She thinks about how she met Abheer for the first time.

Abheer Shocked Her

Abheer would have shocked Meher by carrying her and throwing her into a pool at an Holi celebration shocking her.

Young Abheer

The young Abheer would see Meher for the first time when he noticed her crying after he threw her into the pool.

Meher Avoids Abheer

When Abheer would her persisted in talking to Meher and feel pity for her condition and introducing himself to her, she would have felt shy and scandalised.

Abheer - Present Day

Abheer after the incident in the party will not be in a position to listen to any advice from his friend. He will also asks him to chose sides between Meher and him.

Meher At Home

Meher's mother at home tries to talk to her about her first day and meeting Abheer. Meher tries to put a strong front but will break down after a while.

Abheer At Home

Abheer at home will have his father saying hurtful things to him. He mentions to his mother that Meher has joined his company as his boss.

Meher And Abheer's Divorce

Meher and Abheer's divorce would have cost Rs 2.5 crore and reminding this by his father puts Abheer in a bad mood. But his mother makes him feel better.

Meher Determined

Meher informs her mother that she knows it will hurt her for a few days but eventually she will get used to being in close proximity with Abheer.

Abheer Too Determined

Abheer too gets determined to tackle the situation well from the next day. He informs his mother that he will give Meher a better welcome the next day.

Thee Meeting

Abheer walks into the the board meeting that will be going on and does not bother that he was interrupting. He makes it a point to disturb Meher.

Abheer's Behaviour

Abheer will try his best to intimidate Meher using the details he knows about her. He will be cocky about it as well.

Meher's Response

Meher gives Abheer an apt response by putting him at his place. She give an apt reply and makes it clear that she is no longer the person he knew eight years ago.

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