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Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati Turns Table, Provokes, Makes Ali Quli Mirza Cry! [PHOTOS]

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    Bigg Boss 8's had Gautam Gulati turned the table and provoked Ali Quli Mirza so much that the later ended up crying in the candy room. Ali has been trying to get Gautam lose his cool but has ended up falling prey for the same.

    Gautam was making fun of Ali mentioning the ‘Mouth to Mouth breathing' he was asking from people around, the day he was attacked by Ajaz. Not just Gautam, but almost everyone in the house mocked this act of his post the incident. But, since Ali was anyway looking for an opportunity wherein he could nab Gautam for some reason, an upset Ali got infuriated when he saw Gautam not bothering to be careful as he said all that.

    In a fit of rage, Ali just went up to Gautam and started abusing him. Gautam remained unaffected and unmoved, as he danced and sang song with ‘Takla' in the lyrics and sang it in a loop just to tease Ali. Everyone knows that Gautam does this purposely, making situations work against him. He continues teasing people in spite of knowing they may not like the same. Ali went absolutely mad as he screamed at Gautam on top of his voice, while Gautam held his cool!

    Ali even approached Gautam furiously in an attempt to hit him hard, but RJ Preetam and Rahul Mahajan ran towards him to stop Ali. They dragged Ali outside to make him understand that he couldn't create violence, as a similar mishap in the house had already taken a contestant away recently. Ali broke down completely, clearly expressing his hurt and agitation for everything which was believed to be his acting. As he calmed down after sometime people tried to make him eat his food but Ali kept refusing.
    Later, Gautam was seen taking the plate and reaching out to Ali, who was sitting quiet outside. Gautam told Ali,  "Khana khaa le, khaane se kya naraazgi?"

    Bigg Boss 8's new series Bigg Boss Halla Bol has reached the final stage and the contestants have realised that it is now or never, which has got them turn against each other and see each situation in a magnified glass.

    Gautam Gulati Turns Tables On BB8

    Gautam Gulati turned tables on the show and made the provoking provoked. Ali has been trying to make Gautam lose his cool, he has now ended up crying himself.

    Ali's Reaction

    Ali reacted a little too heavily over something Gautam Gulati had told Sambhaavana during their own conversation. Ali heard this and made it a big deal in front of the whole household.

    Gautam's Provocations

    When Ali started reacting over something Gautam had said about him, Gautam was seen staying cool and composed and responding so coolly that Ali was provoked to the extreme.

    Ali Provoked

    Ali was seen losing his cool with each reaction Gautam was giving. He kept saying he has been cooking especially for him and so on when Ali was trying to clarify about what he had told about him.

    Gautam Started Singing

    Gautam would start singing when Ali keeps continuing the topic. Ali too would join in after a while singing what he had to say just like what Gautam was doing.

    Ali Attacked Gautam

    Ali was so provoked that he attacked Gautam and seemed he might actually hit him. Rahul Mahajan and RJ Preetam intervened to stop him. Gautam stayed cool event at this time.

    Gautam's Provocation

    Gautam used his words and singing as a tool of provocation against Ali and it clearly worked wonders as Ali lost his temper to attack Gautam.

    Ali Cried

    Ali was then taken outside to the garden area. Even after a while Ali could not control himself and started crying in the candy room.

    Mahek Chahal

    Mahek Chahal was seen trying to console Ali when he was seen crying like a child in the candy room after the argument with Gautam.

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