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Bigg Boss 8: 'Torture Cage' For 25 Lacs; Gautam, Dimpy, Preetam Strong![PHOTOS]

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    Bigg Boss 8's latest task has contestants locked inside the torture cage, where they have to stay long enough to win 25 Lacs. While Karishma Tanna, Ali Quli Mirza, Mahek Chahal, Rahul Mahajan give up for various reasons, Gautam Gulati, Dimpy Mahajan, Sambhavana Seth, RJ Preetam stand strong giving tough competition to each other.

    The garden will have a cage setup, wherein names of all the contestants had red and green lights below their names and the contestants were supposed to press the button which would flash the green light and in no case could leave the pressed button. If the person moved his/her hand from the pressed button and the light turned red, that meant disqualification for him or her from the task.

    The reasons why some contestants gave up the task was surprisingly interesting. While Rahul gave up first stating health issues and Mahek gave up pretty sure she will not be getting anything from the show, it was Ali and Karishma's reasons to give up which was most entertaining.

    Ali, struck a bargain with Karishma first that if he gives up the task at the time, Karishma will give him 2 lacs from the money she wins. Karishma, on the other hand gives up the task when Bigg Boss gives all the contestants a chance to give up the task and win a chance to nominate someone for eliminations the coming week.

    Gautam, Preetam, Sambhavana and Dimpy, on the other hand, stand strong giving each other quite a fight to win the money in the brief case. While Gautam seems strong since he has shown his capacity to stay without food or water or washroom for long time, it was the other three who seem to find it tough to control their physical needs. Sambhavana will be the first one to pee at her spot covering self with a blanket, Preetam would follow her soon to do the same.

    Bigg Boss 8's new series Bigg Boss Halla Bol seems to be gaining lot more following that it's original series and the entertaining as well. Let's wait and watch who among the four -Gautam, Sambhavana, Dimpy or Preetam would manage to win the money.

    Bigg Boss 8 Torture Cage

    Bigg Boss 8's Torture Cage has the contestants challenge each other to win the money in the brief case. While some of them give up for various reasons, some of them give a tough fight.

    Hold The Button

    The contestants would stand in the cage and press and hold a button which will keep them in the task as long as they are pressing it. Who ever leaves the button will get disqualified.

    Rahul Gives Up First

    Rahul Mahajan would give up first stating his health issues. He would leave the task after minutes from starting.

    Bargain Struck

    Ali and Karishma strike a bargain in which if Ali would give up the task, Karishma would give him 2 lacs from the amount when she wins it.

    Karishma Agrees

    Karishma Tanna would agree to the bargain and would assure Ali that he should give up the task and when she wins she promises to give him the amount he asked her.

    Ali Gives Up

    After Karishma Tanna promises Ali, he would announce to the would about th bargain and would give up the task by leaving the button.

    Mahek Next

    Mahek Chahal would be the next to give up the task. She would declare that she has no clue what she is doing on the show and that she would release the button.

    Bigg Boss's Announcement

    Bigg Boss announces that the contestants who are still in the task get a chance to nominate someone for the next eliminations by giving up the task.

    Karishma Takes It

    After Upen convinces Karishma Tanna would agree to accept the bargain with Bigg Boss. She would decide to give up the task to get someone nominated.

    Dimpy Argues

    Dimpy Mahajan would then argue that she wanted to take the chance but Karishma took it by not giving her a chance. She also said that she was dominated.

    Sambhavana's Nature Call

    Sambhavana Seth would get a desperate call from the nature but she would not be ready to give up the task. Mahek would help her to cover herself up with a blanket to carry on with it. Preetam too would do the same thing.

    Gautam Might Win

    With the look at the contestants who are continuing the task, the chances of Gautam managing to win the task just like he did the previous ones is pretty high.

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