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Gautam Gulati’s Bigg Boss 8 Journey In Pictures

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Gautam Gulati, the winner of Bigg Boss 8 and Bigg Boss Halla Bol, is flying high with his victory. He was among top three contestants - Karishma Tanna, who was first runner up and RJ preetam, the second runner up, who quit the show by taking home the cash prize of Rs 25 Lakhs.

Every contestants had memorable moments in the Bigg Boss house - be it sweet or sour moments and our favourite star is not an exception. The Diya Aur Baati actor, was compared to Bigg Boss 7's winner Gauhar Khan and had got lot of love and response from his fans.

Gautam started his journey in the Bigg Boss house as an unknown actor, but now has emerged as hero. He was never indulged in back bitting or gossiping, and has always portrayed himself as a good guy. He never cheated or lied and stayed true to himself. Though he was targeted many times and created few controversies, he played smartly.

His fans supported his every move. They not only wished him on twitter and started GG trend on twitter on his Birthday; hastags like #Gautam, #GautamGulatiToWinBiggBoss, #NextSuperStarGautamGulati and #WeAreWithGautam started trending a day before the finale People had already declared him as a winner on Twitter.

Though Gautam started off badly with a fight with Karishma during the first task and the controversy of Diandra Sorars, later he picked up with his smart play. Salman also had praised him by saying him as hero. He also said that people outside the Bigg Boss house are liking him.

Have a look at his journey and random moments which are unforgettable...

Gautam-Karishma Fight

During a task, Gautam was seen abusing Karishma, where she applied chilli powder on Gautam's face, so as to make him get up from chairs. When Gautam saw her laughing, he couldn't resist the pain and lost his cool.

Gautam A Flirt!

Not only Diandra, he was almost seen flirting with every girl in the house. He was seen flirting with Mahek Chahal, Karishma and Sonali Raut. Not only this, his kiss image with his girlfriend went viral outside the house.

Gautam-Diandra Affair

Gautam and Diandra were seen spending a lot of time together. Gautam and Diandra were seen hugging and holding hands, and this couple had moved to a level higher to gift kisses on the show! Diandra pulled Gautam to bathroom and gifted him a kissed on his birthday.

Gautam-Puneet's Relationship

Gautam Gulati and Puneet Issar's relationship was one of the fondest relationships this season. Based on trust and love, the two managed to win hearts across the country.

Gautam-Preetam Fight

During the day of Sambhavana's elimination, Gautam got into a tiff with Preetam. Ali would interrupt and yell at Gautam, which later turned into huge fight as the former would bring up old arguments.

Gautam-Ali Kiss

During Call Center Task (second day) Ali Quli Mirza pestered Gautam Gulati for a mouth-to-mouth in front of all the other contestants, which would crack Gautam up. Ali would even bring up the birthmarks Gautam has under his lips, which shocked the later.

Ali Makes Gautam Cry

Ali provokes Gautam by making stories on him, so that Gautam gives up and Preetam wins. Ali made up a story on a guy named Sumit, from whom Gautam borrowed clothes and money for the show. Gautam though ignores Ali, gets hurt with his words and gives up. He was seen crying in the bathroom, Gautam would break down and say that he is hurt to be a part of the show that demands them to go through such dirty games.

Gautam Hurts His Hand

Gautam was upset with Ali during 'Torture Cage' task as the later wanted to provoke him. He was also hurt that his friends in house and Bigg Boss didn't help him. He showed his anger on wooden door, by punching it in front of Ali and others. Also when Preetam tried to make him understand that Ali was just joking, Gautam takes Preetam's wife's name, which in turn made Preetam angry.

Gautam Wins 'Fear-Factor' Task

Gautam was declared as winner as he managed to travel the longest on the maze without touching, beating Sambhavan, who was disturbed by Dimpy. Sambhavana would even slap Dimpy during this task as she got irritated when disturbed.

Topless Gautam

Gautam went topless and asked Sambhavana Seth to write all the names of the contestants this season on his naked upper body. He also wrote names of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan and Farah Khan on his back. He wrote Puneet Issar's name on his throat, 'Kill Ali' on one shoulder, Sonali Raut's name on his other and rest of the names, along with Diandra Soares' on his much talked about six pack abs.

Gautam Meets Mother

Gautam rushes to the confession room where he finds his mother sitting. He bursts into tears and hugs his mother. Gautam gets into long conversation with his mother whom he met after nine long weeks.

Gautam Meets Brother Mohit

Bigg Boss 8 Freeze-Release task had Gautam Gulati getting to meet Diandra Soares, who says she apologised his mother and brother for bathroom incident and misses him. Gautam also meets his brother Mohit Gulati, who rushes to hug his overwhelmed brother.

Salman Calls Psychiatrist To House, Who Says…

Gautam has always maintained a flamboyant image in the house and he is carefree,he doesn't plan things and for this reason his behavior comes as shocker for others." Further the Doctor added, "Gautam ko aisa nahi lagta ki wo dusron se bada hai,yeh sabki galatfehmi hai."

Salman Calls Gautam Hero

When all other contestants found Gautam negative, Salman declared him a 'hero' on the show.

Gautam Beats Karishma In Hijack Task

Gautam Gulati will be seen beating Karishma Tanna at the Hijack task and winning immunity after 36 hours of sitting on chair!

Gautam’s Future By Janardhan Baba

Janardhan Baba reveals to Gautam that he has had two serious relationships. The current affair will not last long. He also added that he will go on to marry a well-educated lady.

Gautam Fans Make Him Trend On Twitter

Gautam got so famous that his fans (GGians) made him trend on Twitter during his birthday 27th November. Not only this, they even declared him winner a days prior that final by trending #NextSuperStarGautamGulati.

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