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Bigg Boss 9: After Kishwer, Rishabh Trends On Twitter; Check Out What Tweeples Has To Say About Them

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In today's (3rd October) episode, Bigg Boss has assigned the task, Hotel Bigg Boss 9 to the housemates. Before the task began, Rishabh and Mandana Karimi were called to the confession room and asked to target any two contestants in the house and give them so much work so that they give up on the task.

Rishabh and Mandana chose Digangana Suryavanshi and Kishwer Merchant as they thought they might lose the game. Not only were these two tortured, but the other housemates were also tortured in the game as well.

Kishwer was given 'doggy go fetch' task by Rishabh. Kishwer's boyfriend Suyyash Rai couldn't see her do all the work and started crying. Even Aman couldn't tolerate and asked Rishabh to stop this, as it was a little too much to handle.

After the end of 23rd Day, tweeples took over Twitter to express their views on Rishabh. While few were against him, some others supported him as he was doing the task assigned. At the same time Kishwer too, was seen trending on Twitter. Tweeples, who thought Kishwer was loud and annoying, started supporting her, while few others criticized her for spitting in Rishabh's drink.

Check out what Tweeples have to say about Rishabh, Kishwer and the task as well...

Arnab Saha
@pokharel_laxmi @BiggBoss really Rishab has crossed all the limits.I think kishwer had done a great job by spitting on Rishab's drink.

Aakanksha Ashvikian

The Way Rishabh Took The Task Personally ! Kishwer Spitting in his glass Mouthing The Ice! Was not at All Wrong! I support This #BB9

Looking fwd to Prince giving it to Rishabh. Rishabh has perhaps forgotten,he has to stay with them. #BB9

ईशानी गुप्ता
Rishabh and Mandana u are DISGUSTING !!!! 😤😤😤😤

N. ♡ TeamGautam ♡

Rishabh's demand of making Digangana cook non veg is outrageous 🖕🏻 He deserves Kishwer's spit! Yep! #BB9

Karan ‏@MrHonesty

Rishabh is close to crossing that thin line between being cheap and funny.
#BB9 #BiggBoss9

Tanvi sharma

Great performance Rishabh!!! Finally sm1 who gets into the flavour of each task and does it wid full compassion (Y) #BB9


I have no complains from rishabh n mandana they are just doing what they are supposed to do its a task n they want to win ✌✌#bb9


Kishwar spitted in the glass of water before serving it to rishabh. She deserve this treatment. I've No sympathy for her#bb9 #BiggBoss9

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