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Bigg Boss 9: Bhavishyavani Task – Babaji Warns Rochelle, Kishwer, Suyyash, Prince, Yuvika & Aman!

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Bigg Boss 9, Day 15: During the weekend episode, Salman Khan warns the contestants and gives special tips. But in yesterday's episode, the Bhavishyavani task gave the contestants (who were not nominated), a reality check and also some guidance from Bigg Boss.

An interesting activity was introduced by Bigg Boss, where the contestants get to know their fate (Bhavishyavani) from Bigg Boss Babaji. The contestants who were not nominated were lucky enough to know their fates from Babaji.

Babaji not only indicated the contestants about the future but also warned them. Check out what Babaji had to say about Rochelle Rao, Kishwer Merchant, Suyyash Rai, Prince Narula, Yuvika Chaudhary and Aman Verma.

Babaji indicated that for Rochelle to retain her smile, she has to take a stand. He asks her to do what is right for her and not to get influenced by others. Babaji asked her to listen to herself and move on with what she thinks is right, in the game.

Kishwer was praised for her confidence by Babaji. He also said that her captaincy is short lived, and only if she is determined, she can lead the house in the future. He added that she will have to play a major role in deciding who will lead the house in the future. Babaji signalled her to read between the lines!

Babaji indicated to Suyyash that he is in confusion as he is stuck between heart and mind. So it is very much important for him to clear the confusion. Babaji showed the video, which featured his sister's advice.

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Suyyash's sister had asked Suyyash to play using his mind. She even added that Suyyash is not in a couple show to always support Kishwer, and to play individually! This advice makes Suyyash teary-eyed!


Prince is asked not to take others' support to win the game. Babaji also shows his sister's message, where his sister said how Prince is sandwiched between Kishwer and Suyyash. She asks her not to get involved in groupism and show his individual game.


Yuvika will be asked not to get confused and to be clear. He asks her not to take things easy in the house. If she takes decision on time, her luck will shine. Babaji also warned her by saying that this is not a talent hunt show and to stop showing auditions.


Babaji asks Aman to keep smiling and not to be tensed every time. Aman thinks too much, more than what is required. He asks Aman to come out of this, because things/situations doesn't happen by itself, as they are created in the house. Babaji asked him to express himself.

Babaji's Warning

Babaji's warning and advice was seen working as the contestants go to bed with several thoughts running in their heads.

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