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Bigg Boss 9: Day 3 Sneak Peek - Aman-Kishwer In Hit List; Prince-Yuvika Bond; Mandana Creates Ruckus

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Bigg Boss 9: Day 3 - Navratri and Garba fever grips the Bigg Boss house as Arvind Vegda, Yuvika Choudhary, Ankit Gera and Prince Narula will be seen playing Garba for the songs Tattad Tattad and Bhai Bhai, being their wake-up call songs.

Later during the day, Prince will be seen bonding with Yuvika. He will be seen sharing how he gets negative vibes from Aman Verma, Kishwer and Suyyash. He will also be seen opening up to his inmates about his feelings for Yuvika, and taking her side when she was in the hit list and will be seen as her Knight in Shining Armour!

Keith Sequeira 's partner Mandana Karimi will be seen creating a problem. She will be seen asking Keith to tell his girlfriend Rochelle Rao to chill and even fumes at Aman!

The first budget task continues and Bigg Boss announces that the luxury budget will be assigned to the pair who wins the challenge.

To everyone's surprise Kishwer Merchant's boyfriend Suyyash Rai and his partner Rimi Sen will be seen challenging Kishwer and Aman to perform the Melophobia (the fear of music) task. Although they manage to complete the task by playing the mouth organ inside a dead fish's mouth, yet again they will be hit by Vikas and Yuvika as they too challenge Aman-Kishwer!

This time Vikas-Yuvika will be seen challenging Aman-Kishwer as the former will ask the later to perform Trichophobia (the fear of hair) task. The pair will also be seen successfully completing the task by donning a shampooed hair mask on their face for a total of five minutes!

Roopal and Digangana challenge Suyyash-Rimi to perform Trypanophobia (fear of needles) task. Like the previous task Suyyash and Rimi are confused and Suyyash land up asking Bigg Boss the size of the tattoos, thinking it might be a permanent ones, while Rimi plainly rejects to get tattooed. (With Colors TV Inputs)


Although, Bigg Boss clarifies about the size of the tattoo, Suyyash starts saying the font and size is not acceptable to them. Now that Bigg Boss doesn't answer him, an angry Suyyash will be seen raising the white flag.


Mandana will be seen taunting Suyyash about his comment against her. If this is not all, Mandana will be seen breaking down and Suyyash will be seen apologising to her and he will even be seen crooning a song for her!


On the other hand, Rochelle will be seen disappointed as their Jodi will not be assigned any challenge. With this, Prince jumps into conclusion that the other people in the house are feeling threatened by them.

Roopal Discuss About Her Breakup

Roopal will be seen chatting with her inmates about her break-up with Ankit, because of which she changed.


Roopal says that she was serious and reserved before but post break-up she has become self-proclaimed fun and bubbly girl.


Before the day ends, Mandana will be seen creating a scene regarding the place to sleep as she doesn't want to sleep near Vikas and Arvind. Though this stubborn nature of Mandana doesn't not help, her rather Kishwer will be seen mimicking her, telling how selfish and attitude person Mandana is.


Aman and Kishwer will be seen closer, which will make Kishwer's boyfriend Suyyash upset. Aman and Kishwer will be seen in the hit list as they will be given two back to back phobia tasks to perform. Is this jodi trying to take over the house?


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