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Bigg Boss 9:Keith Sandwiched Between Rochelle Rao & Mandana Karimi; Kishwer Calls Mandana, A Crack!

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On Day 3, in Bigg Boss 9 House, housemates wake up to the songs Tattad Tattad and Bhai Bhai. Rochelle Rao, Prince Narula, Arvind Vegda and others will be seen dancing. Prince will also be seen taking the side of Yuvika expressing his feelings for her!

Later during the day, Rochelle Rao will be seen telling something to her boyfriend Keith Sequeira, while Mandana Karimi takes him to the side and asks Keith to tell his girlfriend to chill. She tells Keith that she is not here to separate them.

When Keith asks why Mandana thinks so, she goes saying that she heard his girlfriend Rochelle Rao saying that people are trying to separate them! Keith tries to clarify to Mandana that she would have misunderstood Rochelle.

Even Rochelle interferes saying, she never said so and not to misunderstand her. Mandana also tells Keith to concentrate on her as his girlfriend always interferes. Rochella also gets an indication not to interfere in her conversation. They hug each other and leave.

If this was not enough, Mandana lands in a problem with Suyyash Rai as he had made some comments on her accent while performing the task. Instead of ignoring the comment, she started arguing with Suyyash.

Discussing the same with her partner Keith, Mandana even started crying. Suyyash was told by his inmate to apologise to her and he even went on to apologise and clarify that he doesn't have bad feelings against her.

Later at night, Mandana's drama starts again. Mandana has a problem with Vikas and Arvind's snore.

Read the remaining story in the slides:


Mandana was seen discussing her problem of not sleeping the previous day because of Vikas and Arvind's snores, with the housemate.


Prince tells Mandana that they have to adjust as Bigg Boss house is like a family, but Mandana refuses to listen and says if she is not like family!


Rochelle interferes and asks Prince to come out as she doesn't want to join the conversation. The reason being Mandana, as she doesn't want Rochella to interfere.

Mandana In An Argument

When Prince and others tries to make her understand that they will rotate places and with this Yuvika will also be able to sleep peacefully, Mandana was not ready to change her bed!

Kishwer End Up Calling Mandana Crack!

Even though people at home are trying to make Mandana understand, she leaves saying she is done with the conversation! This made Kishwer call Mandana, a crack!


Kishwer and others will be seen discussing about Mandana's attitude and make fun of her accent.

Mandana Create Problem

In the upcoming episode, Mandana will create lot of other problems to the housemates that will irk all.

Mandana Irks Rochelle

Mandana even irks Rochelle that makes the latter cry and yell at Mandana saying Keith is her boyfriend!

Keith Sandwiched Between Two Ladies

Keith is completely sandwiched between the two ladies - his girlfriend and partner. It has to be seen how he will deal with this matter.

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