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Bigg Boss 9: Is Kishwer Merchant Unnecessarily Picking Fights With Housemates For Footage?

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After Mandana Karimi it's Kishwer Merchant, who's trying to gain attention. Bigg Boss 9 house, literally turned into a battleground during the second Luxury Budget Task which was ‘FriendsPage' task. Here Prince Narula and Suyyash Rai were seen competing with each other to win the next captaincy of the house.

Kishwer was the first captain and she was announced as a supervisor in the task. While Prince and Suyyash had to gain support with the help of the status that they were to mention on the board.

In this task, the contestants can not only like or dislike their status, but also they can ask them a question related to their journey in the Bigg Boss house.

Well, this task, made the so-called friends, Prince and Suyyash foes, since they were seen arguing many times. Also, Suyyash's girlfriend, Kishwer was also seen arguing with few housemates, by sometimes supporting her boyfriend Suyyash, and making everyone, especially Aman Verma, aware that she was the captain of the house!

Being the captain and supervisor of the ‘FriendPage' task, Kishwer shouldn't have supported Suyyash and Prince, she just has to monitor them. But, Kishwer was seen supporting Suyyash, when Aman was seen questioning Suyyash, who was calmly answering her.

When Aman asked Kishwer not to get involved as she is the supervisor, she started arguing with Aman. If that was not enough, Kishwer got into fight with Prince, when he, instead of telling Kishwer, got hyper and ordered Kishwer. She got raised her voice during this task, which was quite irritating.

Before the day ended, Kishwer was seen fighting with Rochelle Rao. Also, previously (Day 8), during Nilami task, she also got into a fight with Roopal Tyagi.


On Day 8, during Nilami task, when Kishwer started arguing with the housemates on how the money gotdeducted, Roopal bluntly asks Kishwer to stop trying to get footage by fighting and raising her voice.

Kishwer Gives Back To Roopal

Kishwer gives Roopal back by saying that she is trying to take a stand just because Salman told her! Kishwer was also seen telling Roopal that it was the latter who tried to get footage by crying when her ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera got eliminated.


Aman was asking Suyyash, why he felt that Aman was negative. Aman also clarified that he had even made a sacrifice by nominating himself; thereby making his girlfriend Kishwer safe during nominations. Hearing her name, Kishwer jumped into the conversation. She started defending her boyfriend. She was seen saying that Aman did that only because she sacrificed her luggage!

Kishwer Shouts, ‘She Is The Captain Of The House’

When Aman asked Kishwer to stay away as she is supervisor and cannot support Suyyash/Prince, Kishwer started saying that she is still the captain of the house and she has all rights to speak when her name is taken!


Prince and Kishwer got into an argument during the start of the task itself, when he said he is announcing his status, as per instructions, while Kishwer started arguing that it was not required during first status update.

Prince Makes Kishwer Cry!

Also Kishwer taking sides, when Aman was questioning Suyyash, didn't go well with Prince. She had asked, when Rochelle could defend Keith, why couldn't she!

Later in during the task, the fight between the duo got nasty, and even made Kishwer cry. Prince tried to sort it out but in vain.


Unnecessarily, Kishwer got into a fight again, this time with Rochelle, over a coffee! Kishwer also mispronounced Rochelle's name which irked the latter and started lashing out at Kishwer. Rochelle was even seen discussing the same with her boyfriend Keith Sequeira.

Rochelle even asked Kishwer to not get personal, while Kishwer was seen discussing the same incident with her boyfriend Suyyash!

Kishwer Wants To Break Rules

During the ‘FriendPage' task, Kishwer was also seen telling that she is going to break the rules by speaking in English.

Kishwer Taunting Prince

She also was seen taunting Prince indirectly for his status that said ‘he will allow people to sleep in the house'.

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