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Bigg Boss 9: Shh... Task - Mandana, Digangana, Keith, Suyyash, Rochelle & Vikas Bear The Pain!

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On Day 18, Bigg Boss 9 Housemates wake up to the song ‘Chota Bachcha Jaan Ke'. Prince was seeing sorting out his differences with the ex-captain of the house Kishwer Merchant, while Keith Sequeira has a candid chat with prince.

Bigg Boss announces luxury budget task - ‘Ssshh! Bachha Jag Jaayega'. Bigg Boss also reminded every contestants how they were unsuccessful to complete the previous task ‘FriendsPage' task. Looks like this new task was Bigg Boss' punishment for the contestants, they had to bear the pain and yet remain silent!

During this task the housemates had to choose one contestant who will perform the task that the new captain Prince Narula would lead. The rules of the task were as follows:

During and after the task, the housemates are only allowed to talk in the room. If they make any noise, the baby placed in the cradle will start crying, and the housemates will lose points. The task would begin when the red light is on and ends when it stops flashing.

Mandan Karimi was the first who volunteered for the first activity. She believed that she and Keith didn't get to perform any task recently, and so she chose to play first.

Next came Digangana Suryavanshi, who wanted to perform the next activity which was ice-bucket challenge. She felt it was easy as she had earlier performed it. But Suyyash tried to make her understand that it would not be as easy as she thinks as she won't know how long she will have to stay in ice cold!

Click on the slides to know about the task and who all participated...


Mandana was made to wear the party hat. The string of the hat was repeatedly tugged by Prince, which hurt her badly. We could see her eyes wet as it hurted her.


Next was ice bucket challenge which was performed by Digangana. Not one, but five whole ice buckets were poured over her head.


Third task was performed by Keith that required him to receive recurrent kicks on his posterior. Funny task but Keith only knew the pain!


Prince announced the fourth task's contestants to be Kishwer and Vikas, but since Rochelle wanted to perform, she was given a chance. Rochelle and Vikas were required to stand at one end of a tennis table while a little girl hits their faces with tennis balls.


Final task was performed by Suyyash, who was required to remain silent as Yuvika waxed the hair on his legs.

Shh.. Task - Funny, Interesting But Painful

The entire task, compared to other tasks was funny, entertaining and interesting though painful for the housemates of course!

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