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Bigg Boss 9: Rimi Sen To Be Eliminated; Was Payment, The Reason Why She Was Retained?

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Oops! It seems like there is a change of plan in Bigg Boss 9. According to the reports that are doing the rounds, Rimi will be eliminated today from the house as the audiences finally chose not to save her!

On the weekend, the host of the show, Salman Khan didn't eliminate any, and made us keep guessing on who would be eliminated today.

On day 49, Salman criticized Rimi Sen for not doing the task. He even asked Rimi, why she didn't leave the show when Bigg Boss opened the doors, as she really wanted to quit the show right from the beginning.

Rimi defended herself by saying that she had completed half of her journey in the Bigg Boss house and had starting to get comfortable. The actress also said that she accepts all the criticism, because of which, she ranked herself last (8th position), when Bigg Boss asked the contestants to rank themselves on a scale of 1 to 8.

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Rochelle interrupted by saying that she didn't do great work by ranking herself at the 8th position. She added that Rimi should be guilty, instead she was smiling. Along with Salman, other contestants too, criticised Rimi's strategy of staying in the house.

Rochelle was upset that though Aman Verma did all the task and was supportive to the housemates, he was eliminated. And Rimi, doing nothing at all, is still surviving in the house. After all these, Rimi was again seen smiling, which annoyed the housemates.

Salman even questioned Kishwer Merchant for supporting Rimi. He added that it was housemates' fault for not understanding Rimi and her strategy and they are responsible for Rimi getting comfortable in the house.

Read the remaining story in the slides, and check why Rimi was not thrown out of the show...

Salman Khan

Not only the housemates, but Salman also, was annoyed with Rimi's behaviour. He added that this would affect her career, instead of boosting it.

Bigg Boss With Salman

Even though Salman and other contestants, repeatedly, asked/requested/encouraged/trolled her to perform the task, Rimi didn't perform. Bigg Boss was unable to convince Rimi to do the task!

Bigg Boss 9 contestants

Salman asked the contestants to put a cowbell around the neck of the contestant, who they think is the most undeserving candidate in the house.

Rimi Sen

No guesses were required for this, as all contestants put the cowbell around Rimi's neck. When Rimi was asked to put the cowbell, she nominated herself!


Although, Rimi was asked to sit beside the cow, the smile on her face retained! Rimi looked cool in the house, although she didn't do the task, her one-liners made her fans laugh. But, after a certain point of time, the smile and those one-liners, becomes annoying!

Rimi's Pay

Coming to the payment issue, it was reported that Rimi was the contestant getting more payment (Rs 2 Crores), which was said to be more than the prize money.

Bigg Boss Contract

According to DNA, the contract was such that the makers of the show were unable to throw her out of the house, even though she didn't perform the task. And she would get the full amount, if she was evicted by the audiences' vote.

Reason Behind Bigg Boss Opening The Door

May be that's another reason, why Bigg Boss opened the door yesterday, telling any contestant can leave the house, if they are not interested, hoping, Rimi would leave the house! Unfortunately, she didn't.

Rimi's Contract

Why Rimi didn't leave the show by herself? The reason again is the contract as it said, if Rimi voluntarily exits from the house, she would get only 20% of the amount assured to her.

Rimi Sen To Be Eliminated Today!

We feel, the payment was the main issue that Rimi was not thrown out of the house. Finally, among nominated: Rishabh Sinha, Digangana Suryavanshi, Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Rao, (according to the reports), Rimi will be shown doors, today.

Tweet That Indicates Rimi Would Leave The Show….

Salil (Reviews tv shows and films)
#BiggBoss9: sudden change in plans. #biggboss calls for an #eviction & guess what #RimiSen is out!! she exits #BB9 tom. retweet if u like.

Few More Tweets That Indicate Rimi Would Leave The Show….

The Khabari (Unofficial Bigg Boss Fan Page)
Rimi Sen has been ELIMINAsTED from bigg boss 9, her Eviction will be aired tomorrow!

RealityPost (exclusive updates on reality shows)
#BB9 #BiggBoss9
RealityPost Exclusive : #RimiSen is evicted from the Bigg Boss 9 house sometimes before

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