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PHOTOS: How Ali Managed To Make Gautam Cry On Bigg Boss 8!

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    Bigg Boss 8's Ali Quli Mirza managed to make Gautam Gulati cry giving up 'Torture Cage' task. Here's how he managed to break Gautam's determination and got RJ Preetam win the task.

    Gautam Gulati, easily the most popular contestant this season was seen breaking down and crying his eyes out after giving up at the final stage of the 'Torture Cage' task. Ali, who was in the opposition team, was the contestant who managed to make him give up and make Preetam win the task along with 25 lacs.

    Ali, who has been trying to provoke Gautam has been failing to do it from the very beginning of the task. But when Bigg Boss asked the opposition team to provoke the two finalists, Ali took it upon himself to make Gautam give up his task.

    After announcing to the camera that he will be making up stories to provoke Gautam, Ali would get down to business. He would try all his tricks to hurt and provoke Gautam. While in the beginning he was strong and brushing him off, as time passed and Ali started getting personal with his comments, the walls started to crack and Gautam started to respond unable to make up songs like he did until then.

    Ali also made up stories about a Sumit, Gautam's friend, whose money and belongings Gautam is using on the show, Ali had hit a jackpot. This was when Ali's words started to hurt Gautam. He started to crack and when Ali continued to hurl words at him, Gautam's determination was affected.

    At a point when everyone left to have dinner, Gautam decided to give up and left the button and asked to be released. A shocked Preetam even asked him to not do such a thing this way, but Gautam declared that he does not want to win a dirty game.

    With Bigg Boss 8's new series Bigg Boss Halla Bol reaching it's final stage, the fight between the contestants has intensified and the pressure is taking it's toll on the contestants. By winning the task, Preetam has won the immunity which has taken him directly to the finale week along with the winning price. Gautam, most dejected after the episode has decided to stay alone and not include himself with the rest of the house.

    Here's The Complete Story

    The 'Torture Cage' task ended with Gautam Gulati giving up the task and ending up crying feeling alone, dejected and betrayed by his friends. Ali was the contestants who managed to hurt Gautam to do this.

    Ali's Plan

    Ali announced to the cameras that he is going to make up stories to provocate Gautam enough to make him give up the task so Preetam, who is from his team would win the task in the end.

    Ali Started Work

    Ali started to provocate Gautam by bringing up many issues. He brought the kiss issue and many others to make him get irritated. Sambhavana, who joined him during this in the beginning left after a while.

    Gautam Sang

    Gautam, who knew Ali was trying to provocate him so he will leave the task. He would sing songs to irritate Ali instead. He made up songs to not hear Ali's words.

    Ali's Went On..

    Ali would not give up for a very long time and kept on throwing hurtful words at Gautam. Gautam who was strong in the beginning started to crack as the words started to get to him.

    Ali Made Up Stories

    Ali then started making up stories to hurt Gautam. He would create a friend of Gautam, Sumit. Ali creates a story saying Gautam had borrowed clothes and money from the friend for the show.

    Ali Got Gautam

    Ali's words finally got to Gautam and he was clearly disturbed by his hurtful words. Gautam would stay silent and tried to ignore Ali's words as much as he could and he would until a point of time.

    Gautam Shocked

    Later Gautam will be seen expressing to Karishma Tanna that how can someone talk so hurtfully just for a task. Gautam would tell her that he is resourceful and that Ali will pay for his mistakes.

    Gautam Gives Up

    Later, when everyone would be inside the house and it was just Preetam and Gautam in the cage, Gautam gives up his fight. He would leave the button to declare Preetam the winner.

    Upen Patel

    Upen would come to Gautam to ask him to not leave the task so easily and that he has to fight. Even Preetam would ask him to not leave like this. But Gautam would have made his decision.

    Gautam To Preetam

    Gautam would declare that he does not want to be a part of a dirty game and that though he can fight till the end he does not want to be a part of it this way.

    Preetam Wins

    Preetam after winning would ask Ali what exactly he said that hurt Gautam so much. Ali claimed that he did not tell anything about his family but just made up a story about Sumit. He said there is no Sumit at all.

    Gautam Breaks Down

    Inside the bathroom, Gautam would break down and cries. He would say that he is hurt to be a part of the show that demands them to go through such dirty games.

    Blames Sambhavana And Rahul

    Gautam would blame Sambhavana and Rahul for not giving him any support during the task. He expresses his disappointment on Rahul and everyone who stood and watched.

    Gautam - Upen

    Gautam then claimed that Upen and Karishma were laughing when he was getting insulted by Ali. Upen who would walk it at the same time with Karishma would call him a liar.

    Gautam Most Hurt

    Gautam was at his lowest after the task and was seen consoled by Mahek Chahal. He would express that Ali would pay for his mistakes. Let's wait and watch what happens next.

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