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Did Dimpy Fight With Karishma Because She Snapped At Rahul On Bigg Boss 8? [PHOTOS]

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Bigg Boss 8's Dimpy Mahajan, who has been a close friend of Karishma Tanna, was seen starting a fight with her over something. Did she do this because of the snapping Karishma did at Rahul Mahajan soon after Upen Patel re-entered the house?

Even after Rahul's hurtful words and even after his flirting with Karishma right in front of her, looks like Dimpy's loyalty towards her ex-husband is strong enough to push her into wanting revenge over his insult.

Rahul has, quite openly, been flirting with Karishma from the moment he has been on the show. What was interesting was Karishma did not find it as offensive as she did soon after Upen re-entered the house. It was almost like Karishma got back her confidence to snap at Rahul to put him at his place.

During a conversation, which included Rahul, Dimpy, Upen, Karishma, Preetam and Sana in the bedroom, Upen first asks Rahul to mind his words when there are women around followed by which Karishma gets the air to snap at Rahul for perturing her and also the advances he made at her despite her trying to keep him at distance on Bigg Boss 8.

Following this, Dimpy was seen starting a fight with Karishma over something she had said about her having a boyfriend outside the house. Even though Karishma explained that it was what Ali had informed her, Dimpy was not in a position to listen.

Considering their friendship on Bigg Boss 8, Dimpy should have given Karishma a benefit of doubt, but looks like hearing harshful words against her ex-husband still pricks her. She even mentioned that it hurts her to take Rahul's insult even though they are separated.

Actual Cause

The actual cause that made Dimpy start a fight with Karishma is because after Upen returned Karishma snapped at Rahul in front of everyone.

Karishma's Snapping

Karishma snapped at Rahul soon after Upen returned. She said he has been hitting on her despite her trying to shoo him away.

Rahul Hurt

It was obvious that Rahul was affected by the insult. But Dimpy too was hurt by the snapping apparently.

Dimpy Realised Later

Dimpy after the entire incident realised that what Karishma did to Rahul was insulting and uncalled for.

Ali Bitching About Karishma

Ali's usual habit of starting fights had him give wrong information about Karishma to Dimpy.

Preetam Supported Rahul

Preetam later expressed to Rahul that he will support Rahul regarding this because she was ok with the flirting just until Upen re-entered.

Dimpy Started The Fight

Dimpy would barge outside where Upen and Karishma would be talking to start a fight.

Karishma Defends

Karishma Tanna defends herself saying that it was Ali who informed her that Dimpy has a boyfriend outside.

Rahul Tried To Stop Fight

Rahul and Upen would try to keep the two ladies apart and try to stop their fight. But they failed.

Karishma Shocked

It was obvious from the look of Karishma that she was shocked at Dimpy's behaviour towards her. Little did she know that it was because of the snapping she did at her ex-husband.

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