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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya Discovers The Actual Plan Of Chandu

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Diya Aur Baati Hum's August 19th episode: Sandhya sees an opera artist escaping from the function hall, just after the show is over. She understands that Chandu is going to meet Chris; she follows the person without knowing it is none other than Shekhar!

Sandhya catches a foreigner in the function ground. He says that he is a photographer. The Chief comes and tells Sandhya that it is not Chris. He says he has thoroughly checked the list of foreigners in Jaipur, but has not found any Chris there.

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya Discovers The Actual Plan Of Chandu

Sandhya and her Boss start brainstorming to find out what can be the meaning of ‘Chris’, whether it is a person or some project. Boss writes the word Chris and scrutinizes each letter. Then he writes it in the reverse way and finds the word ‘SIRHC’. He thinks it is connected with Minister Hemant Chauhan.

The function ground shakes with the loud rings of the fire alarm; people start running in all directions. Sandhya understands that this is Chandu’s plan of distracting the security guards.

Suddenly Sandhya remembers that she saw a poster of the power project and the word ‘Chris’ was written on it. She understands the meaning of ‘Chris’ and starts searching for Chandu.

Shekhar alias Chandu comes to the office of Hemant Chauhan. He kills a man and takes the guise of a scientist. He comes to a room and sees a project model. He disconnects a chip and it leads to a power cut in the whole area.

Sandhya reaches the room right after Shekhar leaves. She sees the project and understands that Chandu has done something to disrupt the power supply. She tries to inform her boss but sees that her communication device is missing. She comes outside and helps people who are panicked. Someone holds her hand.

Just before the wedding is to start, Bhabho becomes tensed seeing the dry firewood, because the fire will scare Sooraj and his mental condition will be exposed. She keeps wet firewood in the Havan Kunda during the power cut. The priest fails to light the fire.

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