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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Babasa Regrets, Asks Sooraj To Get Sandhya Back!

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In Diya Aur Baati Hum, Chavi's truth is brought in front of all and Dilip is hurt that she played with his feelings. He packs his bag and leave the home. He says he will send the divorce papers soon. Babasa tries to stop and beg him not to leave.

Dilip says Chavi has hurt him very badly. Chavi too begs him not to leave and says she will ask for forgiveness from his parents. Dilip says parents are like God, they may forgive her but he won't. When she asks for a chance, he ignores. Babasa too tries, but in vain. Dilip replies back giving example of Sandhya (Deepika Singh).

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Babasa Regrets, Asks Sooraj To Get Sandhya Back!

Dilip says that Sandhya was such an ideal daughter-in-law. She respected all and treated them well, than Babasa-Bhabho's children, but they didn't listen to her. She was doing her duty, but was declared guilty and sent out of the house. She was there with them in every moment of life.

Babasa regrets sending her out and prays that Sandhya lives happily wherever she is. Bhabho and Babasa say that they have been betrayed by their children. Bhabho adds, though they threw Sandhya out, Sooraj (Anas Rashid)should have stopped. Being husband, he should have stood with them and he is also at mistake.

Sooraj remains silent listening to all these. When he goes missing at home, Bhabho says Babasa that Sooraj is very sensitive and he is going through bad phase - being betrayed by his brothers and staying away from his wife Sandhya.

On the hand, Emily and Mohit try and think an alternative to impress Bhabho as they will be target and Meenakshi escaped to her home saying someone is sick. Mohit says Emily to take nice care of Chavi so that Bhabho is impressed.

Babasa comes to Sooraj and asks what's there in his heart. Sooraj doesn't say anything, but Babasa understands that he is missing Sandhya. He gives him money and asks him to book ticket where ever she was and bring her back home.

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