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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya Discovers The Story Of Himanshu’s Village

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Sandhya comes to Himanshu’s village, being ‘Sagarika Das’. Himanshu’s mother Manjari becomes angry with her; she says that Sandhya is a witch who has taken the life of her son! She insists that Sandhya should dress like a widow; she breaks Sandhya’s bangles and brings a scissor to cut her long hair. Sandhya struggles to free herself.

A woman comes forward and stops Manjari. She says that Himanshu’s death was an accident and ‘the girl’ is not to blame for it. Moreover, she was Himanshu’s fiancee only, not his wife. So, she cannot be pressured to dress like a widow.

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya Discovers The Story Of Himanshu’s Village

Another woman comes to Manjari and tells her that the girl, ‘Sagarika Das’, is sent to the village by the Garjana organisation. So, Manjari has to keep the girl with her. The old woman becomes quiet. Sandhya understands that the people of the village are ruled by this terrorist group. The woman who saved Sandhya, tells her to ask for any kind of help if she needs.

In the morning Sandhya wakes up to discover Manjari beside her bed, looking at her face closely. She becomes nervous. But Manjari is not furious as she was initially. She only mourns her son’s death, and tells Sandhya that she nurtured so many colorful dreams about her daughter-in-law.

The old woman opens a trunk and takes out a red saree, golden ornaments and a bridal crown. She requests Sandhya to wear these things and dress like a bride. Sandhya asks how she can do so. Manjari requests her to comfort the heart of a bereaved mother, who desperately wished to see the bride of her son!

Ved hides Sandhya’s medal inside a clay vase, which breaks accidentally. Emily cleverly hides the medal from Bhabho and gives it to Ved. Daisa comes to the house to ask whether Sooraj’s hotel land is occupied by someone. Bhabho and Emily cleverly stop her from saying it before Sooraj. Bhabho tells her that Sooraj’s hotel dream will surely be fulfilled.

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