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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Meenakshi Greedy For Sandhya’s Pension

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Manjari gives a set of bridal dress and ornaments to Sandhya, and gets her dressed as a perfect Bengali bride. She says that she wants to fulfill the dreams that she nurtured about her daughter-in-law. She takes her out of the ramshackle hut, and says that a new bride has to prepare something sweet. She gives her a mammoth task of preparing a huge amount of sweet molasses within a very short time.

Sandhya sweats in front of the the big clay oven. She becomes quite puzzled with this never-done-before task. She keeps thinking about Sooraj. Manjari comes and burns her hand with hot molasses. Sandhya screams. Fortunately, the kind aunt comes again and saves Sandhya.

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Meenakshi Greedy For Sandhya’s Pension

The aunt scolds Himanshu’s mother for being so cruel upon Sandhya. Himanshu’s mother says that ‘the witch’ has killed her son and she will never forgive her. The aunt takes Sandhya to her hut and nurses her burnt hand with a herbal mix.

Sandhya listens to some announcement. The aunt tells her that it is the voice of her son who organizes theater shows in the village. She adds that the Garjana organisation promotes these theaters.

The aunt tells Sandhya that the people of the whole village attend the shows and it is a great source of entertainment. She says that she will take Sandhya to watch the show. Sandhya hopes that she would meet Chandu, the mastermind behind Garjana there.

A person knocks at the door of the Rathi house and tells Meenakshi that a gross amount of five lakhs and a handsome amount of pension per month have been issued in Sandhya’s name. He adds that it can be received by Sooraj only. Meenakshi thinks she would grab the money anyhow!

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