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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sooraj To Choose Between Lalima And Sandhya!

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Diya Aur Baati Hum's October 19th episode: When Sooraj returns to his house with Sandhya, Lokesh introduces Lalima as Sooraj’s wife! Sooraj denies it outright! Lokesh reminds him of the old chapters, the forgotten chapters of his illness. He mentions how Lalima ignored the society and dedicated her life for him. She even jumped into the fire, says Lokesh!

Sooraj’s brain gives him vague recollections of those days. The doctor said that once cured, Sooraj would almost forget the days of illness, Lokesh adds. And it is his sister’s bad luck that Sooraj has forgotten her sacrifice!

Meenakshi asks Lokesh when Sooraj married Lalima. Lokesh explains; he says when Lalima took Sooraj for the fire therapy, some women harassed and insulted her, calling her an impious woman who keeps relation with a man without marriage.

Sooraj could not bear Lalima’s insult. He came forward and put sindur on her head in a temple. Meenakshi recalls that when they reached the spot, she saw sindur on Lalima’s hair. Lokesh adds that he can call the women who witnessed this marriage.

Sooraj becomes dumb and Sandhya gets more and more puzzled! The doctor, who treated Sooraj, pays a visit to the house. Sooraj cannot recognize him. He says that Sooraj was cured by a miracle, which was possible only by Lalima’s matchless dedication!

The doctor is followed by the councilor who wanted to send Sooraj to the mental asylum! He says that Lalima prevented him from doing the inhuman act. He thanks Lalima and asks for her pardon.

After the outsiders leave, Bhabho says that the matter is clear to everyone. Now, Sooraj has to decide whom he will accept as his wife! She gives him time up to the next morning!

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