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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya Successful; Safely Reaches Home With Sooraj!

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In Diya Aur Baati Hum, Sooraj joins Sandhya for helping in her Mission Mahabali. Both together face Garjana team together and somehow manages to get into the missile tanker.

When Sandhya tries to stop the missile, Shekar destroys the remote. Sandhya, in the missile tanker, recalls Shekar telling in the video previously that there is only one person who can stop the missile with their handprints.

Sandhya tries the handprints of commandos of the Garjana, but in vain. She even catches Bade Raja, who bullies her that he has the power to stop the missile. But again to her disappointment, he would be faking.

On the other hand, the minister, who thought Shekar will surrender by himself, will get to know that he (minister) was bullied as Shekar was still in Garjana.

Now, Sooraj takes over the missile tanker and drives it. Sandhya asks him to drive fast but Shekar follows them in the chopper and takes the missile. Although Sandhya fights with the Garjana men, she fails to stop Shekar.

With no other way, Sandhya gets into chopper and fights with Garjana men. She also shoots Shekar and takes over the chopper.

With only few minutes left, Sandhya will try to connect to the control room and will inform them that she is taking the chopper which has the missile towards the sea. Even though she is warned of losing the job, she doesn't listen and moves ahead.

On the other hand, Sooraj watches Sandhya in the chopper and worries. Sandhya recalls Babho, Sooraj, and everyone from the family and apologises!

Read the story and the spoiler in the slides....


Sooraj tries to drive the missile tanker to a safe place. Sandhya asks him to drive fast as they have very little time left.

Sandhya Fights

But Shekar comes with the chopper and sends few men down to take the missile. Sandhya fights with them and tries to stop them, but in vain.


Sandhya climbs up the chopper with the help of a rope and fights with Garjana men.

Sandhya Shoots Shekar

Shekar, who is also in the chopper, fights Sandhya. When Sandhya asks to stop the missile, he says that none can stop the missile now as it has been activated. Sandhya shoots Shekar.

Sandhya Calls

Sandhya takes over the chopper and tries to connect to the control room and informs them that she is heading towards sea to drop the missile.

Sooraj Worried About Sandhya

Sooraj, on the other hand, is worried to see Sandhya with the missile.

Sooraj Informed About Sandhya's Death!

In the upcoming episode, as the missile blasts, Sooraj is informed by Bharat that Sandhya sacrificed her life for the country!

Sandhya Wins

According to the latest spoilers, Sandhya emerges as a winner and will be very much alive.

Sandhya Aka Deepika On Instagram Indicated Happy Days For Sooraj-Sandhya

Both Sooraj and Sandhya will return home where Bhabho is seen waiting for them. There will be another surprise in the house waiting for them. Stay locked to this place to know more...

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