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Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian: Radhika Disappears, Arjun Anguished!

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Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian's latest episode had Arjun anguished after realising Radhika has left him alone and disappeared from his life. Arjun, who is heartbroken after realising the truth about his sister, begs Radhika to stay with him, but assuming Sam and Arjun love each other, Radhika decides to go away from Arjun's life.

The Star Plus show has the complicated and gut wrenching love story of Radhika and Arjun unraveling. The duo have fallen in love with each other despite their unusual situation but Radhika believes Arjun belongs to her best-friend, Sam, and that she has no place in his life now that the reason why she kept them apart is resolved.

Arjun, after having his world shattered when he realised the one person whom he had loved the most betrayed him and has used him for her selfish gain, has his heart shattered to pieces. When Radhika decides to leave the very night, Arjun begs her to stay the night since he needs her most at the very moment.

Radhika spends the night with Arjun consoling and comforting him only to relaise it is not her place to do it in the morning. She walks out leaving Arjun alone. The upcoming episode of Dosti... Yaariyan... Manmarzian will have Arjun waking up to find Radhika disappeared and finds her goodbye letter. When he decides to run behind her to find her for himself, Sam walks into his life.

Arjun Asks Radhika To Stay

When Radhika packs her bags to leave Arjun now that he knows the reality about his sister, Arjun begs her to not leave him at that time.

Radhika Consoles Arjun

When Arjun asks her not to leave him since he is scared, Radhika consoles him and assures him she will stay with him.

Radhika Comforts Arjun

Radhika tries to put Arjun to sleep and he falls asleep in her arms. Radhika decides to let him find comfort in her embrace.

Sam And Neil

Sam informs Neil that Radhika is divorcing Arjun and that they cannot remain friends any more. Neil agrees to what ever she asks him to.


Radhika wakes up in the morning to find Arjun wrapped around her and asleep. She tries to hold him but when Sam calls she realises it is not her place to stay with Arjun and leaves.

Arjun Wakes Up

Arjun wakes up to find Radhika disappeared. He calls out for her only to find a goodbye letter from her. He decides to have nothing of it and runs behind her.

Arjun Stopped By Sam

When Arjun runs to find Radhika and stop her, he will come face to face with Sam at the door. Will he inform her he is in love with Radhika?

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