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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Avadesh To Misbehave With Gayatri; Gets Slapped By Her

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In the latest episode of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, we saw Avadesh asking for a Choker match against Ranaji (Siddhant Karnick). Ranaji initially declines the proposal, and wants to play some other game. However, Avadesh tries convincing him.

He challenges Ranaji to prove that, not only his sword, but also Ranaji's fate is better than Avadesh's. Ranaji finally gives in to playing the game. Avadesh expresses his desire to place a bid and says it will be fun. Ranaji looks at Gayatri (Drashti Dhami) to be sure whether she approves of this game or not.

Avadesh told that if he wins, Raaj Mata will cook food for him for an entire week. And the one who loses will have to take a drink. Ranaji asks for Avadesh's horse. The game continues. Gayatri tries to stop Ranaji from drinking anymore as he is already drunk.

Avadesh provokes Ranaji to drink more. Ranaji gets too involved in the game. He goes to his room and takes out all the money and jewellery from the locker. Gayatri warns him not to fall prey to Kunwarji and Avadesh's evil intentions.

But Ranaji pays no heed to her words. He tells her that he will put everything at stake and win it all back. Gayatri says he is not in his senses. Gayatri's dress gets stuck to a nail and Avadesh comes near her. He removes the nail and tells her that he will free her. She says that till the time Ranaji is with her, nothing can affect her.

Avadesh puts forth the last stake. He asks Ranaji to play only if he wants to. Ranaji agrees. Avadesh says, now everything will be at stake- money, land and lady. Everyone present in the hall gets shocked. Raaj Mata shouts that Avadesh is crossing his limits.

Ranaji tells Avadesh that he has revealed his reality. Avadesh taunts him that he could not keep his promise of giving Avadesh a chance. Ranaji returns to the game. When Gayatri objects, he tells her that Avadesh is aware of his own inferiority to him and so he is asking for a chance.

In the upcoming episode we will witness a major twist when Kunwarji replaces the Choker dice in order to cheat Ranaji. For the latest update and spoiler check out the slideshow below...


Kunwarji wants to put Ranaji in trouble and therefore, taking Avadesh's side he will replace the original dice of the game. He plans to cheat.


Going further we will see Avadesh asking Gayatri out for dinner. As surprising as it could be, Gayatri reaches there. Avadesh is happy seeing Gayatri.


Avadesh is ecstatic seeing Gayatri infront of him and holds her hand forcibly. Gayatri is taken aback. He tries to get physically close to her.

Gayatri Slaps Avadesh

Avadesh tries to take advantage of Gayatri's loneliness and forces himself on her. Gayatri is shocked and angry with him. She frees herself from him and slaps him.


Gayatri tells Ranaji about Avadesh's immoral behaviour. Ranaji gets infuriated. He goes to Avadesh's room. He starts beating and punching Avadesh.

Avadesh Says Sorry

Avadesh apologises to Gayatri and says he is sorry for his behaviour. He asks Ranaji to kill him for his act. Is Avadesh really sorry or is it a plan?

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