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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:Avadesh To Return To Ameerkot; Blackmail Raaj Mata

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The latest episode of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani opens with Ranaji (Siddhant Karnick) regretting his decision of befriending the goon, Avadesh. He talks to Gayatri (Drashti Dhami) about how he feels about his silly act of putting everything on stake.

He feels he has fallen, in the eyes of his subjects, people, Gayatri and even himself. Gayatri consoles him and says that he has been cheated and must not accept defeat so soon. Ranaji asks her to take care of Raaj Mata.

Avadesh leaves a note for Gayatri asking her to meet him behind the palace. He welcomes Gayatri. He proposes that if she leaves Ranaji and becomes his queen, he would return everything back to Ranaji.

Gayatri slaps him and says that he is not even worth being called an animal because animals are loyal to their masters. She accuses him of cheating Ranaji. Avadesh hold her hand as she leaves. She is shocked and pushes him onto the floor.

She reminds him that even Raavan could not escape the wrath of a woman. Avadesh instigates Gayatri against Ranaji. She runs away from that place.

The servant brings a doll and a letter to Raaj Mata. She is taken aback seeing that. She hurries to the jungle to meet the person. Ranaji apologises to everyone for his act. Gayatri comes running towards him.

She starts crying. Avadesh enters and tells them that he will say what he has done to Gayatri. He lies to everyone that Gayatri came to meet him just to find a solution to Ranaji's problems. Gayatri says that he is lying and that it was Avadesh who sent her a letter. She informs everyone of his evil intentions of capturing her and trap Ranaji.

In the upcoming episode we will see Avadesh telling Ranaji that he has given a solution to end all the problems of Ranaji. Avadesh agrees to return everything to Ranaji if Gayatri becomes his queen. For more updates and spoilers, check the slideshow below...

Avadesh Openly Asks For Gayatri

Avadesh announced in front of the whole family that he is ready to give back everything to Ranaji only if Gayatri leaves Ranaji and becomes his queen. Everyone is shocked.

Ranaji Beats Avadesh

After knowing about Avadesh's intentions, Ranaji gets furious and starts beating Avadesh. Ranaji punches him and thrashes him with a belt.

Avadesh Leaves The Palace

Avadesh pleads Ranaji, to let him go. He promises to go away from the palace and never disturb again. However, it seems that he is chalking out some other plans.

Gayatri And Ranaji

After Avadesh's exit, Gayatri and Ranaji spend some quality time together. Gayatri sings him a song. They spend some romantic moments.

Avadesh Returns

Leaving everyone shocked, Avadesh returns to the palace. Raaj Mata reprimands him for everything that he did to her and Ranaji.

Avadesh Blackmails Raaj Mata

Raaj Mata sternly asks Avadesh to leave the palace. Avadesh reminds her of the last secret and Raaj Mata is troubled.

Ranaji And Gayatri

Ranaji and Gayatri are shocked seeing Avadesh back. Ranaji tries driving Avadesh out of the palace but Raaj Mata allows him to stay in Ameerkot. Ranaji is shocked at Raaj Mata's behaviour.

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