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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Gayatri To Reprise Draupadi; Wants Revenge Against Avadesh & Ranaji

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Zee TV's Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani is all set to stun its viewers in the upcoming plot. The show is going to bring in astaggering drama in the forthcoming episodes.

In the current episode, we saw Kunwarji extending the proposal of friendship to Avadesh. He wants to help Avadesh against Ranaji (Siddhant Karnick). Avadesh declines the friendship only with the intention of winning Ranaji's trust.

Gayatri (Drashti Dhami) is seen taking care of Swarna. It is Avadesh's birthday. Back in the palace hall, Avadesh receives a gift which he says, is from Raajeshwari. He exclaims that it must contain her blood to remind him of the relationship they share.

Avadesh asks Raaj Mata's permission to call her Maa. She affirms. Ranaji asks him what gift he wants on this day. Avadesh smirks, thinking that Ranaji won't be able to give it to him. Ranaji assures that he could ask for anything as they are friends.

Avadesh tells him that he wants to defeat Ranaji once. Avadesh states that for the first time he would be celebrating his birthday with his own people. He is trying to win over Ranaji's trust and sympathy.

Gayatri enjoys watching Ranaji playing the piano at the party. Ranaji says that Avadesh is now like a brother to him, because he called Raaj Mata 'Maa' today. That's why Avadesh will be given a chance to fulfill what he wants.

Ranaji asks Avadesh in which game, he would like to defeat him. Avadesh hands him over a gun and says he wants to see who has a better aim. He keeps a glass over his head.

Gayatri detests this game thinking someone might get hurt. Avadesh is on cloud nine now, thinking that his ladylove stopped her husband for him.

After repeated denials from Gayatri, Avadesh apologizes to her. Ranaji says that a promise is a promise and he would give Avadesh a chance. Avadesh now plays his wicked game and asks for a match of Choker (gambling).

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We are aware of Avadesh's intentions of winning over Gayatri. He wants to defeat Ranaji in the gamble and acquire Gayatri. He says, whoever wins the Choker will win the earth, water and money of the state.


Ranaji will agree for the Choker game as he trusts Avadesh completely. He will be totally drunk and lose his senses while playing the game.


As the game starts, Ranaji keeps his sword and palace as the bait. Despite Raaj Mata asking him not to play. He gets carried away.

Ranaji Loses To Avadesh

Taking advantage of Ranaji's inebriated state, Avadesh defeats him in the game and thus becomes the owner of the kingdom as well as the royal sword to the ignoble man.

Avadesh Asks For Gayatri

Going ahead with the game, Avadesh asks Ranaji to place Gayatri as a bait and disgracefully Ranaji gives in to Avadesh's demands. He bets on Gayatri.

Ranaji Loses Gayatri

As shameful as it could be, Ranaji loses Gayatri to Avadesh in the match of Choker, while in adrunk state. So, will Avadesh take away Gayatri with him?


The leading lady is deeply shocked and hurt by this incident. Her womanhood is hurt and she is amazed how her husband could use her as a bait!

Gayatri To Take Revenge

The show is supposed to go the Mahabharat way and Gayatri will duplicate Draupadi. She pledges to seek revenge on Avadesh and also Ranaji, for doing this to her.

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