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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Gayatri To Romance Ranaji; Raaj Mata Kidnapped!

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The latest episode of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani showed how Avadesh provokes Ranaji (Siddhant Krarnick) to continue with the gambling game. Ranaji agrees to play money and land, but not his lady.

He tells Avadesh that a husband isn't the owner of his wife, but a partner. Ranaji promises that he will never bring tears to Gayatri's (Drashti Dhami) eyes. As the game commences, Ranaji stakes jewels and wins the match. Avadesh leaves for a drink. Ranaji apologises to Gayatri for his behaviour.

Gayatri expresses her disapproval towards the game and tells Ranaji that those who play with fire can't live for long. The next bait is Ranaji's money and land. Kunwarji replaces the dice inorder to help Avadesh. Avadesh gets three consecutive sixes, which means he would take the lead.

Raaj Mata and Gayatri are shocked and Ranaji is taken aback. Ranaji tells that Ameerkot is Avadesh's now! Kunwarji is happy at Ranaji's state. Avadesh keeps the royal sword on Ranaji's chest and says, they could live in the palace as guests.

Ranaji breaks down and exits from the hall. Avadesh does not behave well with Kunwarji. Kokila smirks that it is good Avadesh did not keep the sword on him. Kunwarji remarks, he is the new King, so he will show some attitude.

Avadesh enters the hall and plans to paint all the photos of Ranaji's ancestors, black. When he is about to do that, Raaj Mata holds his arm and stops him. Avadesh asks her to mind her own matters as she is not Raaj Mata anymore.

Raaj Mata tells him that he has called her a mother and nothing is worse than the curse of a mother. Avadesh says all this is rubbish.

Raaj Mata smirks that no King becomes a ruler by just sitting on the throne. He has to win hearts. She further adds that the people of Ameerkot very well know the difference between a ruler and a robber!

In the upcoming episodes we will see Avadesh asking Gayatri to be his Rani and if she agrees, he would return back everything to Ranaji. For more updates and spoilers of the show, check the slides below...


After being successful in snatching the palace and sword from Ranaji, Avadesh now eyes on Gayatri. He asks her out for dinner where he misbehaves with her.


Gayatri is taken aback by Avadesh's behaviour and slaps him. She informs Ranaji about Avadesh's evil intentions.


Ranaji brutally beats up Avadesh. He punches him and slashes him with the belt. Avadesh is badly hurt.

Avadesh Apologises

Avadesh apologises to Gayatri for his bad behaviour. He says he will give back everything to Ranaji and leave Ameerkot.

Ranaji Is Disturbed

Owing to everything that happened to them, Ranaji is very disturbed and avoids speaking much and also does not eat well.

Gayatri Sings For Ranaji

Gayatri, being a lovable wife, cannot see Ranaji in such a state and tries to comfort him. She expresses her love for him. She takes to singing a beautiful song to cheer Ranaji up.

Ranaji and Gayatri Are Happy

Ranaji cheers up listening to Gayatri's song and he hugs her affectionately. The couple spend some cozy time before they get another shocking news.

Raaj Mata Kidnapped

Raaj Mata is missing from the palace. There is no news about her. Gayatri and Ranaji get shocked hearing this news. Who is behind the incident?

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