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Has Bigg Boss 9 Become Interesting After Wild Card Entrant Rishabh Sinha’s Entry?

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Each time a new Bigg Boss season starts, people tend to compare the contestant and the season's content with the previous one. This time too it was the same, and Bigg Boss fans were seen saying, the ninth season was very boring.

Bigg Boss warned the contestants. Also, Salman Khan, the host of the show, who was seen during weekends alerted the contestants by letting them know the audiences' views and even read out their hate tweets.

Still the contestants didn't change. Rimi Sen still cried like a baby, to go home. Well, Salman and the makers has sent the first wild card entry Rishabh Sinha to spice up the show, in the Tehelka episode.

As soon as Rishabh entered the house, he was assigned hotel Bigg Boss 9's secret task along with Mandana Karimi. Here the duo was asked to target two contestants and make them quit the job to win the task. Rishabh targeted Kishwer Merchant and Digangana Suryavanshi.

Rishabh made Kishwer work so hard in the task ‘fetch the bone', by making her behave like a dog, that her boyfriend, Suyyash Rai started crying. Even other housemates felt bad for Kishwer and offered her help, but she didn't quit the task.

Kishwer had to perform the task for almost three hours. Rishab was criticised by the housemates for making a girl do the task for three hours! They even got into a fight. Though few people outside BB house agreed that he did a mistake by making Kishwer, behave like a dog, some others felt that he did great job and praised him.

People even went onto say that Rishabh turned the boring episode, interesting. Later in yesterday's episode, we saw people bonding with Rishabh, with whom they had a big fight previously.

Rishabh was even seen flirting with Yuvika, who is said to be having a crush on him. But what will happen to Prince who is already behind Yuvika?

Check out what people has to say about Rishabh...

Tweets Favouring Rishabh

Tweets Favouring Rishabh

Na Vi #Imaan
Man this #Rishabh has transformed the house into entertainment centre suddenly! Positive or
Negative thats individual's perception. #BB9

Resham Beri
After everything just happened yesterday, are all the contestants really cheering for #Rishabh? #BB9

Naboneel Sharma
#Rishabh #Mandana dint do anything wrong, it was a task which both the parties were doing so take it in positive way. @BiggBoss

Rishabh Has Brought Some Life In BB!

Rishabh Has Brought Some Life In BB!

Vikas Gupta
#Rishabh has brought some life in @BiggBoss, earlier it was looking like a holiday home for these celebs.

#Rishabh might be evil but actually he has pumped life into the boring season #BB9 !!

@BiggBoss woww... enjoyed today's episode... what an entry #rishabh... now d real game begins...!!

Rishab Performed Task Well!

Rishab Performed Task Well!

#Rishabh made an awesome point in #Rimi jis thaali me khaathe ho usme thookna nahi ! Very valid & he sold me on tht point. No vote for her

Rishbha Tanwar
#rishabh really done a great job on his very first day.. I agree on each n every word he said about #StupidRimi #BB9

Rishabh Has Spiced Up All Contestants!!

Rishabh Has Spiced Up All Contestants!!

The Aksh Sethi
Atleast misterman #rishabh opened #RimiSen eyes by telling her either play or breach the contract! Stop pretending #dholl in #BB9 respect

Sanu Singh
@BiggBoss @KishwerM @RochelleMRao I'm liking this guy #rishabh. He has spiced up all the contestants.ab maza aayega

Can We Say 'Rishabh's First Impression Was The Best!'

Can We Say 'Rishabh's First Impression Was The Best!'

Manish Acharya
@BiggBoss now I think it will be fun in#bb9 wildcard entry today waiting to watch #rishabh sinha janglee attitude..

Muhafiz Abdul
#Rishabh is a good contestant Thank u #BigBoss9 for adding him

Akshay kumar
@BiggBoss seriously you should be thankful to #Rishab for saving #BB9, otherwise it was gone

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