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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar: Neil And Ragini Decide To Grow Vegetables In USA!

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Itna karo Na Mujhe Pyaar had Neil (Rohit Roy) sorting the misunderstandings with Ragini (Pallavi Kulkarni) by confessing the truth about what exactly happened between Rupali and him. Ragini and Neil then end up deciding to shift to the USA to grow vegetables for their family.

Unlike the previous time, Neil decides to sort things out with Ragini and not let small misunderstandings part them yet again. After Ragini storming out hearing about Neil spending a night with Rupali, she tries to avoid him.

After many attemps to talk to Ragini, Neil decides on not giving her an option of escape and demands her to hear him out before making any decision. Ragini realises after listening to Neil's version of the story the mistake she was about to commit yet again. Neil confesses that though he spent a night with Rupali in the same room, nothing happened between them.

After sorting everything, however, Neil decides to bring up the topic of moving to USA with Ragini and Aarav. Though resistant initially, Ragini then agrees to move with him and they also decide on growing Indian vegetables since they can't find them there.

Pam Confronts Nivedita

Pam corners Nivedita and questions her about her intentions. She questions her if what she wanted was to separate Neil and Ragini what was the need to insult her brother.

Nivedita Changes Pam's Opinion

When Pam fails to understand Nivedita, she will be asked to just go with the flow as it will end with Neil returning to the USA with her. Pam falls silent.

Neil Corners Ragini

After the dinner party, Ragini tries her best to avoid Neil but at the end of the day fails when he corners her. Neil demands she listen to his version of the story.

Neil Explains Himself

Nril explains to Ragini that after everything that has happened between then she has to at least listen to his side of the story before making any decision.

Neil's Side Of Story

Neil explains to Ragini how he ran into Rupali after a medical conference and started talking. He also says how they ended up getting drunk.

Nothing Happened

Neil informs Ragini that though they spent the night in the same room, nothing transpired between them. Ragini believes him and decides to lay things to rest.

Issues Sorted

Ragini and Neil sort things out by talking. They realise that they have made one mistake that has cost a lot and they are not ready to make another one.


Neil proposes shifting to the USA. Ragini resists in the beginning but then Neil insists on it while trying to not pressure her, Ragini decides to move.

Will They Inform Dr Aman?

Just when they decide to grow Indian vegetables in USA, Dr Aman walks in on them to enquire who is shifting to USA.

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