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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar: Pam-Ranbir’s Lie Turns Real; Neil-Ragini To Re-Marry For Nishi?

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In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, again Ragini (Pallavi Kulkarni) and Neil's (Ronit Roy) reunion drama starts. Nishi, who is in the hospital, recovers soon with the news of her mom and dad getting together.

Nani, who broke the news of Ragini-Neil's reunion, is happy that Nishi has recovered. She asks Neil to give his marriage a second chance as she feels his daughter's happiness is about them being together.

Neil gets to know from Nani that Aman and Ragini's engagement broke. Aman flies to London to meet his sisters as he feels he neglected his family for long time. He tells the same to Ragini and leaves.

Neil thinks since Ragini is now alone, Nani wants him to fill the space. When Neil asks Nani to tell the truth to Nishi, Nani asks Ragini and Neil to say it themselves to Nishi.

Ragini attempts to tell Nishi the same, but remains silent seeing Nishi's condition and her happiness over the false news.

On the other hand, Pam gets to know that Neil has been removed from Doctor's panel as Neil had been to jail for alleged domestic violence filed by his ex-wife Ragini. Ranbir too gets furious over this issue as they would be destroyed.

Ranbir tells his plan to spread fake news of Ragini-Neil's reunion. After making Pam understand the situation and plan for a long time, she gets convinced and executes the plan for the time being which can make Neil get his position back.

Read the story and spoiler in the slides....

Neil Irritated

Neil gets frustrated and says he can't tolerate Ragini, who even agrees with Neil and asks Nani to tell the truth to Nishi.


Neil asks Pam to pack her bags to leave. But Pam lies that she, by mistake has booked tickets for next month same date as she gets the bad news from Sonika. Neil gets irritated and tries to call someone to arrange for tickets.


Pam snatches his mobile so that he doesn't get the bad news.

Nivedita Overhears Neil-Pam's Conversation

After plan, Pam provokes Neil to give a chance to his marriage, while Nivedita will overhear them. Shocked Neil asks Pam what he will say to Nivedita, as he had proposed her recently.

Ragini-Neil With Baby Nishi

In the upcoming episode, to save Nishi-Jignesh's marriage, Neil and Ragini get married. With their marriage, even Neil's position in job will be safe.

Ragini-Neil Re-Marriage

Neil makes her wear the mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her maang.

Neil-Ragini Re-Union

Their children Suhani, Agam and Nishi will be happy to see their parents together and congratulate them for their re-marriage.

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