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Jodha Akbar: Anarkali To Meet Jodha; Prays Her Wishes To Come True!

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Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) is hurt in sword fight with Rukhs, but still manages to fight with Akbar (Rajat Tokas). Seeing blood in her hand, Salim gets furious and calls for Hakim. He says fight is not important as that was not war. Looking at the way Salim cares for her still, Jodha is happy.

Akbar is seen doing first aid to Jodha. He says he can't see her hurt and to be careful. Jodha says that she is happy that she got hurt as by this way she got to know how much Salim loves her.

Anarkali is seen selling her mother's jewellery. She asks for more, when she is offered less amount. The person gets angry and says she has been offered at least so much, others would not do even this as she is a daughter of gaddar (betrayer). Scared of being caught, she takes the amount and buys food to give to her mother.

In the market she hears that Qutub, friend of Salim is getting married. She is shocked and hurt to hear this. Her friend Sakina helps her as her food falls down. Sakina asks her why she is crying and Anakali (Nadira) explains about Salim (Qutub). Anakali says she won't allow Salim to get married to someone else as she loves him.

Sakina says she doesn't have any rights to stop him as she doesn't know if he loves him and she hasn't expressed her feelings too. Anarkali thinks it right and walk back.

Click on the slides to know how Anarkali meets Jodha ...

Anarkali And Hakim

Anarkali finds hakim looking at her father. Hakim says her father's fever is not reducing and if it doesn't reduce, his life may be in danger.


Anarkali feels bad saying all that is happening to her father is because of her and they must go back home from Agra. Zil says they have come to fulfil her wish and not to think of going back.


Qutub is seen speaking to Salim, saying he is feeling bad for what has happened to Salim and Anarkali. Salim says he doesn't want to meet her (Nadira) ever in his life. Salim wishes him luck as he is starting new life (getting married).


A baba (priest) watches all these and comes to him saying if she goes to dargah and pray there, her father may get well. Also she may get all answers that she is searching for!

Salim-Anarkali In Dargah

In Dargah, Salim and Anarkali both are seen together praying. Unfortunately, they don't meet each other. Salim had come to fulfil Farah's wish as he wanted to go to dargah before Qutub's marriage.

Anarkali Jodha

Anarkali meet Jodha there. Jodha says she can sense Anarkali in lot of pain and she wishes all her wishes come true and her pain reduce.


Anarkali is shocked to see Salim in dargah. How did Anarkali meet Jodha? Will Jodha know about Anarkali? Will Anarkali speak to Salim at least this time? Answers to all these should be seen in the upcoming episode.

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