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Jodha Akbar: Murad Joins Hand With The Englishmen

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Akbar is informed that there is a good match for Murad from the family of a famous King. Akbar thinks he should go ahead with it, because marital bonds can enhance political relationship. He discusses the proposal with the family. Everyone is happy for Murad. Salima informs Murad about the matter.

The Englishmen meet the Emperor and say that they wish to set up an arsenal in India. They propose that he should go personally to inspect the whole thing. Akbar agrees. The Englishmen meet Murad and tell him that he must make sure that the Emperor actually leaves the palace.

Jodha Akbar: Murad Joins Hand With The Englishmen

The Englishmen again provoke Murad with the proposal that they would make him the next Emperor. Murad says that he can cooperate with them, but they have to ensure the safety of Akbar.

The interpreter tells Murad that the Englishmen have interest in business only and they would never hurt anyone for no reason. They will only capture Akbar and ask for ransom, which Murad has to pay when he becomes the Emperor. Murad blindly trusts them, and agrees to cooperate.

Jodha feels that Akbar should not go with the Englishmen; she guesses that they must have some foul plan as the Emperor has rejected their proposal of spice trading. Rukaiya inspires Akbar to go with the Englishmen, because she dreams to grab a new post in the weapon business, and get a better position than that of Jodha.

Jodha shares her worries with Man Singh and King Todarmal. Man Singh assures her that he will take care of the Emperor’s safety. King Birbal and other officers discuss the plan of Akbar’s security before the Englishmen. Akbar tells Jodha not to worry, and leaves the palace with his followers and the Englishmen.

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