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Jodha Akbar: Will Jodha Be Able To Save Akbar?

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Jodha Akbar's July 27th episode: So far we have seen that the Emperor has been trapped and poisoned by the Englishmen. They keep killing the Mughal soldiers to weaken the Emperor’s force. Jodha sees a bad dream about Akbar and becomes tensed.

Hamida calls a meeting in the royal court and declares that Jodha will look after the administrative duties in the Emperor’s absence. Murad becomes disappointed and informs his associates. Jodha tells the officers that they must try to contact Akbar, as there is no message from him.

Jodha Akbar: Will Jodha Be Able To Save Akbar?

Akbar and his confidants understand that they have been trapped by the Englishmen. Akbar becomes weaker day by day due to the effect of the deadly poison. He decides to send a ‘love letter’ to Jodha; he hopes that Jodha would understand his indication and send help as soon as possible.

A jealous and insecure Rukaiya tells Hoshier to bring every letter to her. She gets the ‘love letter’ written by Akbar; she does not understand the inner meaning of it and burns the letter out of envy.

Jodha becomes worried as there is no message from Akbar. Now she decides to visit the English camp herself. But it becomes difficult to convince Hamida who is worried about Jodha’s safety.

Jodha argues that she has taken detailed information about the place and she will go there in disguise, taking only Moti Bai with her. She does not want to take force, as it can alarm the Englishmen and they can shift Akbar somewhere else, if they really have any wicked intention.

Akbar becomes upset as he does not get Jodha’s reply, nor any help. Man Singh thinks he should challenge the Englishmen, but the Emperor tells him not to take a whimsical step. Jodha starts for the English camp with Moti Bai and Rahim, all in the guise of Gypsies.

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