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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Desperate To See Akbar, Agrees To Dance!

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Jodha Akbar's July 28th episode: Jodha leaves Agra with a mission of meeting Akbar, to see whether he is safe or not. Rukaiya becomes angry with Jodha, as Jodha has given the responsibilities of the spice trade to Salima.

Rukaiya thinks she must ruin the business in Jodha’s absence. She steals a business letter and calls a woman who can accurately forge documents. Rukaiya bribes the woman and tells her to forge the letter, putting a date of seven days later. She thinks that a delayed delivery of products will ruin the reputation of Jodha.

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Desperate To See Akbar, Agrees To Dance!

Jodha, Rahim and Moti Bai come to the English camp in the guise of Gypsies. They request the camp manager to let them have a stop in the camp. They promise to cook good dishes and entertain the camp dwellers in the evening. The manager agrees.

Jodha and her team keep searching for Akbar with different excuses. They start selling herbal medicine for the wounded soldiers and try to extract information from almost everybody.

A doctor checks Akbar and gives him medicine; but there is no immediate improvement in the Emperor’s health. Jodha comes near Akbar’s tent, but the guard does not let her enter the tent. She gives a medicine to the guard; he carries it inside.

Rahim tells Jodha that still they have not seen Akbar or his officers. He thinks it would not be safe to stay in the camp anymore. Jodha says she will not go back until she gets some information about Akbar.

Jodha sees Janisar, the interpreter of the Englishmen. She hides her face from him. He calls her and says that she has to dance in the evening to entertain the Englishmen and the King. He tells her not to dance in veil. Jodha agrees.

Rahim becomes angry and says that the Queen can never dance in public! Jodha says that she is just a wife now and is ready to do anything to rescue her husband!

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