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Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya Is Caught, Murad Confesses Guilt

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Jodha Akbar's July 31st episode: Todarmal informs Jodha that a client is asking for the spice product, while the order is dated after seven days! Jodha tells him to ask for some time and manage the issue. Now, she thinks that someone really wants to ruin the business.

Incidentally, Moti sees the maids who opened the windows of the storeroom during the rain, to damage the spices. She comes to know that they are Rukaiya’s maids. She quickly reports it to Jodha.

Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya Is Caught, Murad Confesses Guilt

Jodha thinks she must make Rukaiya confess the crime. She makes a plan. Moti goes to the kitchen and tells a cook that Jodha has caught the culprits behind the spice blunder. She says it in a way so that the maids can hear it, and the plan works!

Soon Jodha is informed that the maids have rushed towards Rukaiya’s room. Jodha tells Moti to inform Hamida, Salima and Rahim. The maids come into Rukaiya’s room and tell her that they are going to be exposed soon.

Rukaiya assures them that nothing will happen; they have to keep their mouth shut and no one will know that Rukaiya Begum is behind all the blunders that have damaged the spice trade.

Jodha enters the room with others and says that everything is exposed now and she is not going to forgive Rukaiya this time, because she has brought an insult upon the labor of the farmers and the prestige of the Mughal Empire! Hamida supports Jodha.

Jodha slaps Rukaiya hard and orders Rahim to keep her captivated within her room, until the Emperor comes and punishes her.

Murad reads a message sent by Janisar and Salima catches him red-handed. She slaps him repeatedly; Murad understands his mistake. Salima says she is not ready to hear anything. She sends him to Jodha.

Murad comes to Jodha and complains that he has forever been deprived of political power; Jodha says she is ready to give him the power; she only wanted him to enjoy his youth! Murad realizes his fault and confesses that he has helped the Englishmen in their wicked plan!

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