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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Decides To Stay And Work With Jodha

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Jodha Akbar's March 6th episode: Akbar proceeds towards Jodha through the crowd, when she is serving food to the common people. Someone tells Akbar to stand in the queue. He loses his mind and boasts that he is the emperor. The mob taunts him seeing his ordinary dress. They also say if he is the true emperor, they are to kill him for sure.

Jodha becomes scared and scolds Akbar. She tells everyone that he is not the emperor. Akbar’s life is saved. He decides to wait and meet Jodha and also know the reason of this public wrath. Rukaiya becomes angry and regrets her decision of bringing Akbar to the place.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Decides To Stay And Work With Jodha

Jodha earns a place in the minds of the village people through her long and dedicated service for them. They start respecting her like a Goddess. They even call her to the village court to solve public and personal issues.

Jodha gives opinion on the issues with her usual humanistic approach. Akbar comes to the court in his common man’s get up and says that his wife is angry with him as he has lost his job. He points his finger at Rukaiya who is standing at a distance. He requests Jodha to give him a job. Jodha feels perplexed.

Anarkali visits the locality of Sakina to provide relief. Sakina tells her that Prince Salim is working day and night to repair the broken houses of the locality. He is even doing the works of a labour, says Sakina.

Anarkali sees Salim working in a labour’s dress. She thinks that he is doing his duty only, it does not prove that he is a good human being! Man Singh talks with his messenger about the security of the Mughal palace.

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