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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan: Aryaman Threatens Manik-Nandini Relationship?

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan's Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini's (Niti Taylor) relationship is being threatened by Aryaman with his evil tricks. He hurts his hand on purpose to make Nandini believe Manik did it so he will not be able to contest in the competition.

Manik would have guessed Aryaman was behind the attack on him and Nandini in the construction site. But without proof his hands a tied to come to any conclusions. He insists Nandini withdraw from the competition so she can be safe away from Aryaman.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan: Will Manik Breakup With Nandini If He Realises Truth?

Nandini accepts to withdraw initially when Manik tells her but when she sees how disappointed and hurt Navya was she re-thinks her decision. Nandini informs Manik the news to find him getting angry about it. He will continue to insist she listen to him and withdraw from the competition.

Manik and Nandini have an argument over this issue as Manik gets very angry Nandini wants to compete for Navya but does not want to withdraw for him. Nandini reminds him that he would do anything for his friends and the same goes to her.

Aryaman will then be confronted by Manik and informs he knows that he was responsible for the attack on him and Nandini and warms him to stay away. Aryaman takes the threat badly and hurts his own hand to inform Nandini Manik did it.

The Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan's love-birds will have their love tested, thanks Aryaman. Will Nandini believe Aryaman when he says Manik hurt him so he cannot compete in the competition? Or will she believe Manik when he says his side of the story? Only time will tell.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Aryman has come up with yet another plan to hurt Manik. He decides complaining to principal will not help and decides to play dirty.

Manik Gifts Nandini

Manik will gift Nandini a box of chocolates to cheer her up. He would have guessed withdrawing from the competition would have upset her.

Manik Gets A Kiss

Manik will be rewarded a kiss for his effort to cheer her up using chocolates and a song. Manik will be surprised he got a kiss.

Nandini Give The News

Nandini will then inform Manik that she is not withdrawing from the competition and has decided to compete with Aryaman and Navya.

Manik Upset

Manik will be seen getting upset and even angry hearing Nandini has gone against him to stay in the competition.

Nandini's Explanation

Nandini will explain herself to Manik that she is doing this for Navya and not Aryaman and that she needs to be a good friend.

Manik Still Upset

Even after listening to Nandini, Manik continues to stay angry. He insists on saying that when she can compete for Navya why can't she withdraw for him?

Manik Threaten Aryaman

Manik will then confront Aryaman and lets him know that he has figured out it was he would attacked him and Nandini at the construction site.

Aryaman's Anger

Manik will then smash Aryaman's phone to let him know he is serious. Aryaman will then hurt his own hand to take his revenge.

Who Will Nandini Believe

Aryaman plans to inform Nandini that it was Aryaman who hurt his hand so he won't be able to compete. Who will Nandini believe?

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