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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan: Nandhini Cheers Manik; Austad Mukesh Evokes Anger Amongst Audience

By: Ipsita
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In Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2, Nandhini (Niti Taylor) asks the workers to dispose the bottles. Manik (Parth Samthaan) arrives and detests Nandhini's act; to which she replies that she should be the one giving orders. She gives him a set of orders to follow.

Manik teases her that she is not caring, rather torturing him. He says he will only do what she does and that her presence makes him happy. They steal a romantic moment, when Manik gets closer to Nandhini. Just then, his phone rings and he is perplexed to see the message.

kaisi yeh yaariyan 2 latest update

While walking, Mukti tells Aaliya that Manik will be there. Nandhini expresses her excitement about the music gala but Mukti stops her saying that it was not the perfect time. Manik and Mukti hear an announcement and they all march ahead. All of them enter the hall.

kaisi yeh yaariyan 2 latest update

Nandhini laughs after seeing Aryaman, and they take their seats. Harshad goes to the stage and announces that this time the Music Gala is going to be really tough. Austad Mukesh is called on next, who post his speech, announces that all the filth from the college will be removed. This evokes a lot of anger in the people present there.

kaisi yeh yaariyan 2 latest update

Aaliya and Mukti say that they need to take a break and that they cannot do this with just the three of them, and leave. Manik is staggered to see them walk away. Aryaman goes to Harshad's office and confronts him as to why he invited JD.

Harshad says that it was out of his reach and he was appointed by the space authorities. Manik walks into the jam room and starts destroying and throwing things away. He is angry because they left and they did not have any faith in him.

kaisi yeh yaariyan 2 latest update

Manik pushes Nandhini away when she tries to stop him. Nandhini picks up the guitar and starts playing the same song which Manik did. Manik praises Nandhini for the efforts she puts in to make someone smile. Manik rises and says he will not give up; rather fight.

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