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Kumkum Bhagya: 5 Reasons Why Abhi Should Kiss Pragya

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya's (Sriti Jha) love has taken a turn after she confessed it to Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia). Since Abhi doesn't want to be negative to Pragya, who is Dadi's ladli and has done so much for him to save his life, he is preferring to ignore. He is avoiding Pragya as he is feeling shy and also scared to reply.

Now that Tanu made a fuss of a kiss (CPR) that Pragya gave Abhi to save his life. Instead of saying sorry, which he had done many times, should have kissed or should kiss Pragya. Tanu has been keeping track on Abhi's life and has been irritating him to ditch Pragya and marry Tanu.

This attitude of Tanu has irked Abhi many a times and he has also compared Tanu with Pragya, where he felt Pragya was lot better than Tanu.

In the previous episode, Tanu feels bad about the kiss and asks the same to Abhi, who is unaware of it. When Abhi asks if Pragya told Tanu about this, she gives him wrong information about the whole kiss thing and says Pragya is announcing the whole issue in the party to everyone. In fact, Mitali was the one who was publicising this. Abhi gets wild on Pragya and scolds her without knowing the whole matter. After Purab explains about the matter, Abhi gets to know Pragya didn't kiss him intentionally. She kissed (CPR) him only to save him.

Abhi manages to go to Pragya and apologise to her, who hugs her and forgives him. Tanu, who saw both hug, fumes.

Check out five reasons why Abhi should kiss Pragya ...

Tanu Irritates And Lied To Abhi

Abhi should know that he doesn't love Tanu and his heart beats for Pragya and kiss her. She is the one who takes care of him and his family and knows everyone's need.

Apologise By Kissing

We have seen Abhi apologising to Pragya many a times. This time again he does the same and Pragya hugs him. She says she feels bad when he apologise to her like this. Instead of apologising, he should have kissed her.

Pragya's Importance

He should kiss Pragya in front of Tanu because of whom he doubted Pragya. This will show how important Pragya is in his life than Tanu.

Pragya Saved Abhi's Life

Pragya saved his life. She took so much difficulty when he was shot to make him breathe. She gave CPR, removed bullet from his chest and took very good care even after he came to consciousness.

Pragya Is Innocent

He had praised many a times about Pragya's innocence and beauty. One such instance is when they were in jungle, he was seen staring at Pragya, when she wore red sari.

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