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Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Detests Pragya But Will Bring Her Home?

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Kumkum Bhagya's Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya (Sriti Jha) will be seen getting separated just when they were about to finally get together. With Pragya brushing aside Abhi's love, Abhi starts to detest pragya. But now with Dadi asking him to bring her back home no matter what, will he hide his hurt feelings to bring her back?

Yet again Pragya and Abhi are separated. Thanks to Tanu, Pragys now thinks Abhi is the father of Tanu's child and decides to get the two married by separating herself from Abhi. When Abhi finally expresses his true feelings for her, Pragya ridicules him and brushes aside his love for her. She even says she has never loved him in the first place at all.

Unaware that Pragya is doing all this for Tanu's sake, Abhi has started detesting her. With Pragya at her mother's, Dadi asks Abhi to get her back as soon as possible. Abhi, though not ready to face Pragya yet promises to bring her back the very next day.

Will Abbi see through Pragya's act? Or will Pragya continue with the act believing she is doing a favour for Abhi and Tanu? Meanwhile on Kumkum Bhagya, Tanu is considering getting herself aborted now that she knows Abhi is in love with Pragya.

Abhi Pragya To Get Back?

With Dadi asking Abhi to promise her that he will bring Pragya home as soon as possible, he is left with no choice but to get Pragya home.

Aaliya Brings Pragya

When Aaliya finds Abhi drunk and hurting, she will go to Pragya first to find out the reason. Pragya who gets to know about Abhi's condition comes to him.

Pragya Finds Tanu With Abhi

When Pragya comes to see Abhi, she will find him saying Tanu not to leave him. This will change her mind to meet him and sort out the issues.

Pragya Decides To Leave

Pragya, who thinks Tanu is pregnant with Abhi's child, decides to leave them alone so they can lead a happy life with her out of the picture.

Abhi Tries To See Pragya

Aaliya informs Abhi that Pragya has arrived but by the time ABhi opens his eyes, Pragya would have made the decision to not meet him.

Abhi Does Not Find Pragya

When Abhi wakes up to see Pragya, she hides away from his sight, When Aaliya comes to find her for her brother, she will move away and asks her to not say anything.

Pragya's Words

Abhi will them think of all the things Pragya told him the previous night and decides to stay away from her. The hurt Pragya would have caused him will not allow him to see her.

Abhi Decides To Stay Away

Abhi decides to stay away from Pragya. Though he would want to meet her as soon as he wakes up, he changes his mind soon after.

Pragya Hurting Too

Pragya will be seen hurting listening to Abhi's words about not wanting to see her. He will also say that he wants to stay away from her.

Dadi's Promise

Dadi makes Abhi promise that he will bring Pragya home the very next day. Though Abhi does not even want to see Pragya, he promises that he will bring her home.

Tanu's Pregnancy

Tanu gets to know from Aaliya that Abhi is in love with Pragya. Now that she knows he will never marry her she considers getting aborted.

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