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Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Finds Pragya And Escapes, But Will Be Hit By A Bullet!

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With lots of twists and turns, now Kumkum Bhagya is all set for a filmy twist! Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) will be seen ignoring Tanu's warnings and will go to save his wife Pragya (Sriti Jha). Tanu, who is seen shattered with Abhi's attitude, will be seen sharing her helplessness with Alia.

Alia, who was in the impression that Bulbul will no longer interfere in her and Purab's life, gets a shock. Alia gets to know that Abhi had given sleeping pills to Bulbul to silence her.

On the other hand, Abhi messages the kidnappers from Bulbul's mobile. Neel will get to know through Alia that it was Abhi who messaged and not Bulbul. He asks his men to either escape or get Abhi to the place.

Abhi, who will be caught, will somehow manage to beat the kidnappers and escape. He follows them to the hidden place.

Abhi somehow manages to reach Neel and Pragya. Neel will then be beaten up by Abhi so badly that Neel asks Abhi to take his wife Pragya home. He even says he will even forget this event.

But Abhi, who is not ready to listen, gives warning to Neel. He asks Neel to leave the city. Neel says he has his family and work in this city and can't leave the place. This angers Abhi and again he will be seen kicking Neel.

Pragya will be caught by a goon and held at gun point. Somehow Abhi and Pragya manage to escape but will be hit by a bullet!

It should be seen in the upcoming episode that who will be hit by a bullet, and will they manage to reach home?

Abhi Leaves Tanu

Abhi leaves Tanu on Valentines day to save his wife Pragya. Tanu is shattered and throws the cake and table around in anger.

Tanu Cries

Tanu cries in front of Alia as she couldn't stop Abhi. She is upset that Abhi left her special Valentines Day celebration for Pragya.


Alia is shocked to know that Bulbul is still at home as she was given sleeping pills by Abhi.

Neel Happy!

Neel is happy that he will meet Bulbul, but gets shocked when Alia informs him that Abhi is following them and may find him anytime.


Alia warns Neel to meet her else she will go to police and tell everything about him. Alia gets worried about her being caught.

Abhi Follows The Goons

Abhi somehow manages to follow the goons to the hidden place.


Abhi enters kidnapper's den and throws smoke inside. Goons panic and run out to check. Abhi finally finds Pragya.

Abhi Gives Bangle

Pragya is happy to see Abhi in front of her, saving her! Abhi makes Pragya wear bangle as GPS gadget.

Abhi-Pragya Hug

Abhi makes Pragya eat cake and drink water. He says she needs water now more than him to run. Pragya feels this was the best Valentines Day she ever had and hugs him.

Bulbul Doubts

Bulbul doubts that the kidnapping plan is of Tanu and warns her.

Abhi-Pragya Escape

Abhi and Pragya try to escape by hiding inside the kidnappers den.

Kidnappers Provoke

Kidnappers provoke Abhi to come out and face them.

Abhi beats Neel!

Now the scene will turn filmy. Neel will find Abhi and Pragya and there will be a major fight. Abhi will kick Neel, who later begs Abhi to let him go. But Pragya will be held at gunpoint. While Abhi and Pragya try to escape from the goons, they will be hit by a bullet!

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