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Kumkum Bhagya: Dadi Separates Abhi-Pragya; Tanu Responsible!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, high drama of Dadi will lead to separation of Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya (Sriti Jha). Dadi gets to know about Tanu's pregnancy and questions her about the same.

Dadi and Daasi would have gone to check with the hospital as to how can the doctor be so negligent to send the wrong pregnancy reports to their place. After all drama in the hospital, one of the person gets the real report (which has Tanu's pregnancy confirmation) to Dadi.

Pragya tries to divert Dadi's attention to change the reports, but remain unsuccessful, which leads to all drama at home. Abhi himself checks the report and Dadi is shocked to know about Tanu being pregnant.

While Daasi scolds Tanu's parents (Don't know how Tanu's parents land at Abhi's place at any time they like, only scriptwriter can do this) for their discipline given to their daughter, Dadi questions Tanu about pregnancy.

While Tanu's mom supports Tanu; her father directly shoots at Abhi and says he is father of Tanu child. Dadi is shocked to hear this, Pragya and Abhi become speechless.

In the upcoming episode, Dadi breakdown in tears. Pragya, who has always been on Abhi's side, this time too supports her husband. Pragya even asks Dadi to get Tanu and Abhi married, but Dadi is so much upset that she will start her gyan.

Dadi finally kicks Abhi out of the house. Even though Pragya tries to convince Dadi, the latter is in no mood to listen.

Abhi Packs Bag

Abhi goes to room to pack his things to leave the house and Pragya follows.

Pragya Begs Abhi Not To Leave

Pragya who is torn between the duties towards her husband and house, begs Abhi not to leave the place as all are dependent on him.


Abhi leaves home as Dadi asks him to leave the house, while Pragya runs to him and hug.


Pragya also is all set to leave with her husband, but Dadi says that if she leaves the house, Dadi will break all ties with her.

Pragya Alone

Abhi too is not ready to take Pragya with her and leaves her at home.

Dadi Separates Abhi-Pragya

This is how Dadi makes Abhi leave the house, while Pragya stays back as Abhi is not ready to take her.


Now, what will happen to Tanu. Now that Abhi is kicked out of the house and doesn't have any shelter, will she even now accept him?


Or will Tanu ditch Abhi and go to Nikhil, whom she thought was useless?

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