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Kumkum Bhagya Dragging Kidnap Plot To Kingdom Come!

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Ekta Kapoor's serials are no doubt dragging and this show is nothing new. The kidnap plot in Kumkum Bhagya looks never ending. It has been dragged from past one week, right from Bulbul and Purab's engagement, but are yet to reach home!

Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) thinks Neel and his men are fools, if so why couldn't he escape from them till now? When Abhi was sure to find the kidnappers, why did he go alone to find the person? When Alia called Neel and Abhi picked the phone, why did he speak first, couldn't he wait for the opposite person to speak? Police had almost found the kidnappers den, but still Neel, who in front of them escaped and shifted Abhi and Pragya (Sriti Jha).

Though Abhi could have escaped, when the goons shifted them to other place, he just manages to untie the rope tied to chest and not hands. Why couldn't he do the same at night and wait till morning. Was he waiting for Neel to set fire and show his heroism!

Not only this, Abhi wasted his time to save Pragya previously too. When he had a chance to shoot Neel, Abhi kills the time by enquiring Neel about the kidnap. When this could be done by police, what was the use for Abhi to provoke Neel. Abhi and Neel will also be seen playing with gun, with each one held under gunpoint and none shot.

Not only the kidnap plot, Pragya is not even able to express her feelings to Abhi. Though she had got many chances to express her love, she missed it due to her fear. In the recent episode too, when Pragya feared death, as both were surrounded by fire, she gives big lecture of love. But right when she was to say the magical words, Abhi finds way to escape from fire!


Abhi and Pragya are tied in a place and Neel sets fire. Abhi tries to escape. How he untied his and Pragya's hands now, why couldn't he do it in the previous episode?

Pragya Propose Abhi

Pragya is trying to propose Abhi from long time and now she tries to express her love amidst fire but again fails! Uff, we are tried of her try, when will she even say her words??

Abhi's Heroism

Abhi finds bike in the place just when Pragya was trying to express her feelings. He instead of rushing out in bike, accelerates to scare Neel. Finally he jumps out of fire with Pragya in bike. Ahh!! How filmy?


At home, Dadi and Sarla are worried about Abhi and Pragya. When the place where Abhi-Pragya was set fire, both Dadi and Sarla senses their children in trouble! Another filmy scene...


Tanu and Alia's plans are wonders. Kidnap, murder and what not.

Suresh's On-Off Appearences

Suresh is seen on and off in the serial, sometimes he is seen behind Bulbul and now he wants to know about Pragya's whereabouts!


Bulbul decides to expose Alia with proof and now in front of all, she blames Alia for kidnap without showing proofs, only with talks. When she knows Alia is very clever, why is she even trying to blame her without proof?

Madam Alia!

Now this madam Alia, though caught by Bulbul has guts to go to her room and call the kidnapper - Neel. Doesn't she have a bit of fear of being caught again?

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