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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya To Propose Abhi Amidst Fire!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) is still finding way to save Pragya (Sriti Jha) from Neel. While Neel and his men have successfully escaped from Purab and police. They have shifted Pragya and Abhi to another place, and are planning to kill them.

Tanu and Alia, who are equally responsible for kidnapping Pragya, are planning to trap Bulbul, who has doubt on them. They blame Bulbul for the whole kidnapping issue and even add that she was the one who forced Abhi to go to the kidnappers den all alone!

Dadi seems upset with Bulbul and is seen under pain. Bulbul, who blames herself for this, cries in front of Purab, who calms her. Purab doubts Suresh as he loved Bulbul and thinks he wanted to kidnap Bulbul, but instead kidnapped Pragya.

While Pragya and Abhi are shifted to other place and are tied to poles by the kidnappers. The goons untie their mouths and ask them to spend the night talking to each other as they have very little time left. Neel asks his men to burn the place in the morning, so that their bodies are destroyed and none can find the proof against him.

Though Abhi tries to open the rope and asks Pragya to do what he says, he could only free rope from their chest by holding breath. He could not open the ropes of their hands, so he asks Pragya to wait till morning.

The next morning, Neel burns the place, and Pragya will be seen choking. It is then Pragya thinks that this will be the end of her life, and proposes Abhi!

Well, did Pragya propose Abhi or was this also something that she just thought? If she did propose, how did Abhi respond? Will they be able to escape from fire?

Neel Shifts Abhi-Pragya

Neel shifts Abhi and Pragya to other place as he gets to know about police through his men.

Kidnappers Adding Fuel

Kidnappers add fuel to fire the place, where Abhi and Pragya are tied. Neel wants himself safe and tries to kill them to leave no proof for his arrest.


Neel sets the place with fire and bids goodbye to Abhi.


Abhi unties the knot in the hand and wakes Pragya. He tries to find way to escape.


Abhi and Pragya will be surrounded by fire. Seeing this Pragya panics, and thinks it is the end of her love.

Pragya Propose Amidst Fire!

Pragya will then decide to reveal about her love to Abhi. She tries to express what is in her heart for Abhi.

Abhi's Reaction

Will Pragya complete saying the magical words? What will be Abhi's reaction?


Purab and Bulbul are tensed about Abhi and Pragya.

Tanu-Alia Blame Bulbul

Tanu will be seen blaming Bulbul for the whole episode of kidnapping in front of Dadi. Bulbul is suspicious on Alia and Tanu and thinks they are behind the kidnapping.

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