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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya To Stop Abhi From Getting Engaged To Tanu!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya (Sriti Jha) is yet to know about Tanu and Nikhil's (Nikhil Arya) relationship. Every time Pragya doubts Nikhil and tries to test him, Tanu saves by alerting him. Though, according to spoiler, soon Pragya will get to know the reality, we are still waiting for the moment to happen.

Tanu even asks Nikhil to leave the place by giving him money. Though he says he loves her, she doesn't listen. Nikhil even warns Tanu that if Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) will not get married to her, he will be ready to tie the knot, but till then he will not leave the place.

Nikhil, who is irritated the way he is being treated by Tanu, calls Tanu's parents. He will call them by saying he is Tanu's well-wisher. He says Tanu is going on a wrong way and Abhi will not marry Tanu as his wife Pragya is pregnant. Well, Nikhil doesn't know that Tanu's parents would approach Abhi and not him.

Now the new problem has come up for Abhi as Tanu's parents land in his house, asking for him for assurance. According to the new promo, Tanu's mom ask Abhi to get engaged to Tanu to prove Abhi and Pragya are just acting and Pragya is not pregnant in real.

Though Abhi and Pragya try to convince Tanu's mother, she will not agree. Tanu's mother even asks Abhi to get married to Tanu immediately after Bulbul's marriage. When Abhi is almost about to put the ring, Pragya stops.


Tanu meet Nikhil and asks him to leave the place and not to follow her.


Tanu even gives Nikhil the cheque thinking he is in need of money and that's the reason he is behind her, blackmailing. But Nikhil gets angry and tear the cheque.


Tanu tries to take Alia's help for shooing Nikhil, but Alia suggests her to date Nikhil as Abhi is not going to accept her. She gets confused of how to take Alia's help to get rid of Nikhil as she can't tell she is pregnant.

Nikhil Calls Tanu's Parents

Thinking of teaching Tanu a lesson, Nikhil, calls Tanu's parents. He calls them by saying he is Tanu's well-wisher and Abhi will ditch Tanu as Pragya is pregnant.

Tanu's Parents

Tanu's mother gets shocked. She also gets to know about Pragya's pregnancy and get worried about Tanu.

Abhi-Pragya In Trouble

Tanu's parents land Abhi's house, where Bulbul's marriage functions were taking place.

Tanu's Mom

Tanu's mom asks Abhi to get engaged to Tanu and to marry her immediately after Bulbul's marriage.

Tanu Happy

Seeing her mom in charge, Tanu is happy to get engaged to Abhi.


Tanu and Abhi will be almost ready to exchange rings.


Pragya in an angry tone, stops Abhi and Tanu. She says the engagement cannot happen. Well, what made her stop? Did she get to know about Nikhil or is she trying to ask some time from Tanu's parents?

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