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Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Neel Shoots Abhi But Pragya Takes Bullet!

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Kumkum Bhagya is taking filmy twist with this kidnapping act. The scene is so much dragged that Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya (Sriti Jha) are yet to escape from Neel!

In the kidnapper's den, Abhi and Neel play with gun and finally the gun lands in Neel's hand. Just when it was time to shoot, Neel gets information from his man that the police force is nearing and they have to escape. Neel gets confused to kill Pragya and Abhi or to save from police.

Finally Neel plans to escape from police with Abhi and Pragya. Purab arrives with police at the kidnappers den. Bulbul, who follows Purab, is asked by him to go home as the place isn't safe. While police take charge of the place from one side, on the other side Purab goes in search of Abhi and Pragya.

Neel tells his men to bully police so that they take Abhi and Pragya to another place from another way. On the way, Abhi and Pragya start fighting with each other, so that the goons let them free and they escape. But instead the goons tie their mouth.

Purab, who is just few distance away from them, calls their name. Since Abhi and Pragya's mouths were tied and the goons threatens them not to do any moments, else they would kill Pragya, Abhi keeps silent.

According to reports, Abhi and Pragya somehow manage to escape from the goons. Neel, who doesn't want them to escape, shoots Abhi to stop. But Pragya comes in between and takes the bullet to save Abhi!


Getting to know that police are behind Neel, he orders his men to shift Pragya and Abhi to some other place.

Abhi-Pragya Tied

Abhi tries to misguide goons so that they free him and can escape with Pragya by fighting with her. But the goons tie their mouth.


Bulbul follows Purab to the kidnappers den. But he sends her home by saying it is a dangerous place for her. And he can't put her life in trouble.


Purab will be just few steps away from Abhi and Pragya. When Abhi tries to move, goons threaten him not to do else they will hurt Pragya.


Alia calls Neel from Tanu's spare number and asks about Abhi. She threatens him not to reveal their names. She asks him not to leave Pragya and at the same time not to hurt her brother.

Bulbul Overhears

Bulbul overhears Alia's part of conversation and plans to go deep into the matter to find out about the kidnappers and Alia's connection.

Dadi Tensed

While Dadi is tensed about Abhi, Sarla is tensed about Pragya. Sarla calls Dadi and asks her to take care of her health and not to panic.

Neel to Shoot Abhi

According to spoiler Neel will shoot Abhi, but Pragya will take the bullet and save Abhi.

Will Pragya Survive?

It has to be seen if Pragya will survive? What will Abhi do to save Pragya?

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