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Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu, Alia & Raj Try To Hide The Killer Vijay; Pragya To Inform Abhi!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Vijay meets with an accident. Abhi was responsible for the accident, and Vijay will be in Abhi's house for treatment.

Pragya gets to know that the person whom Abhi hurt was none other than her killer. It has to be recalled that Vijay was hired by Alia, Tanu and Raj to kill Pragya. Vijay was unable to kill Pragya, and Raj refuses to give him money. So Vijay kidnaps Pragya and ties her up behind Raavan's effigy, so that when Abhi sets fire, Pragya dies.

Pragya would have noticed the killer, and to know who gave him contract her, she gets Vijay home. So that she can ask him about the person who gave him the contract to kill her, after his health improves. For Vijay's safety, she asks Ronnie to guard the room.

Alia and Tanu try to find who the patient is, but Ronnie doesn't allow them to enter the room. The duo doubts and informs the same to Raj, who tricks Ronnie and tries to find out.

Raj tells Ronnie that he needs important papers that are in the room, while Ronnie allows him inside. Raj will be shocked to see Vijay in the room. He will ask Alia and Tanu to get prepared to go to jail, as Vijay might reveal their plan when he comes to conscious, while Alia, as usual, will try to escape from the situation. Raj plans to kidnap Vijay, when all are asleep.

On the other hand, Abhi gets Pragya's signature on the property papers by bullying her. He makes a deal with Pragya that if his song impresses her, she has to sign on the papers.

Though Pragya doubts Abhi's intention, she blindly signs the papers (as Abhi doesn't let her read the papers). It has to be seen if she tricked Abhi or signed the papers for real.

Read the spoiler in the slides...


Abhi makes a deal with Pragya, that if he impresses her with a song, without a second thought, she will have to sign the papers. Pragya doubts Abhi's intention.


Pragya decides not to do anything that will spoil her plan and harm Abhi, until she reveals the truth of Alia and Tanu.

Abhi Kisses Pragya

Abhi makes Pragya sign on papers without letting her read them. Abhi is happy that Pragya signed on the property papers and kisses her.

Raj, Alia & Tanu

Raj gets to know that the patient in the house is none other than Vijay, whom he had hired to kill Pragya. He tells Alia and Tanu to get prepared to go to jail, while Alia asks Raj to think about how to come out of this problem.

Alia & Tanu

Raj asks Alia and Tanu to kidnap Vijay when all are asleep. Alia and Tanu wrap Vijay and try to take him to the hiding place.

Raj Faints

Alia and Tanu even try to inject Vijay with some medicine, but unfortunately, Raj gets injected, and he faints.


Pragya watches all these, and is shocked. She goes to inform Abhi, who is sleeping. Abhi, as usual takes the matter lightly and doesn't believe Pragya. But Pragya drags him to the place where Alia and Tanu are plotting something.

Will Pragya Succeed?

It has to be seen if Abhi gets to know about Alia and Tanu. Also, we are yet to know if Pragya signed on fake property papers.

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