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Fun Time On Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil: Abheer Moves Into Meher's House! [PHOTOS]

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Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil's Meher (Asmita Sood) has been trying her best to stay away from Abheer (Pearl V Puri). Abheer, who has never let go of any chance to irritate her however, has decided to move into her house for the mess for which she was the actual reason.

The gangsters whom Abheer beat up to save Meher, turn up at his office searching for him and Meher. Satthu and Nisaar manage to hide the two to keep them safe and when they realise that they are hell-bent in finding Abheer, they decide to send Abheer out of the country.

Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil: Abheer-Meher's Life In Danger! [See Photos]

Abheer packs his bags and leaves but when he realises it is all happening due to Meher and that she is escaping the situation peacefully, he decides to change his plan. Abheer surprises Meher and his family by moving into their house for the few days he was supposed to stay in Dubai.

The upcoming episodes of Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil will have Meher trying her best to hide the secrets of the past eight years from Abheer. Abheer figures Meher is trying to hide something from him and it will be interesting to see what Meher is trying to desperately hide from Abheer.

Badtameez Dil

Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil had Abheer moving into Meher's house. Since she is the cause for all the complications and that his life is in danger, Abheer decides it is fair he hides at her place.

Abheer Asked To Leave Country

Satthu and everyone else at the office ask Abheer to leave the country for a few days so things settle and he will no longer be in danger.

Abheer Packs To Leave

Abheer packs to leave to Dubai and bids adios to his mother, who will be seen getting worried sick for his safety.

Abheer Changes Decision

Abheer leaves to the airport only to realise that Meher is the actual cause of everything and that he needs to stay at her place to stay safe.

Meher Questions Him

Meher will be surprised to see Abheer at her house. She panics and asks him why he is here and not in the flight.

Abheer Takes Advantage

With Meher resisting his stay at her place, Abheer takes advantage of her mother. He manages to make Meher agree to his stay using her mother.

Abheer's Father Finds Out

Abheer's father gets worried for Abheer's safety when he gets to know about the situation. He calls to check on him only to know that he is at Meher's house.

Abheer At House

With Abheer at Meher's house, she is trying her best to keep the stuff that say a lot about what happened the last 8 years away from him.

Abheer To Find Out?

Things that Meher is so desperately trying to keep away from Abheer manage to come out in the open. Will Meher manage to keep it away?

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