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LOL! Karishma Tanna And Upen Patel's Future Revealed On Bigg Boss 8!

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Bigg Boss 8's Karishma Tanna got informed by Janardhan Baba that it is not Upen Patel whom she will be marrying but a businessman/divorcée and that Upen will not last much long in her life.

Karishma, the long legged beauty got her 'Bhavishya Vaani' revealed by the Baba in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 8. She was informed that she has had three 'boys' in her life and all of them are not meant for her and that she will go on to marry a very rich businessman and divorcée.

After the initial shock with the news, Karishma approached the Baba for again to get a clear confirmation on this. She informed him that the previous guy in her life, Rushabh Choksi, made her very unhappy throughout the year long relationship she had with him and that she used to cry every night because of his possessiveness.

Karishma also went on to enquire about the actor she met on the show, Upen Patel, who is sweet to her and makes her happy and she wants to know if he is the person for her. Baba informed her clearly that he is not meant for her and he will not last in her life.

Janardhan Baba also went on to reveal the other Bigg Boss 8 four finalists' future too which said RJ Preetam might have an extra marital affair. Rahul Mahajan was the 'dusht' in Dimpy's life after whom she will find happiness. Gautam Gulati will marry an educated lady and the person who is currently in his life is not meant for him.

Karishma Tanna - Upen Patel

Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel will not last long said Janardhan Baba. He said Upen is not the person for her and that she will marry a businessman in the future.

Karishma Tanna's Future

Bigg Boss had Janardhan Baba revealing the contestants' future and when talking about Karishma's future, the Baba said that the person who is currently in her life will not last.

Karishma Laughed It Off

When the Baba said Upen won't last long, Karishma was seen laughing it off. But it was later seen that she did not take it lightly.

Others Laughed Too!

The other contestants, Dimpy Mahajan, Ali Quli Mirza, RJ Preetam and especially Gautam Gulati were seen laughing their behinds off when Baba said Karishma's future.

Karishma Troubled

A troubled Karishma later approached the Baba yet again to get a clear picture of her future. She asked about Rushabh Choksi and Upen Patel in detail.

Karishma Revealed The Truth

After hiding her relationship for a very long time, Karishma was seen talking openly about Rushabh Choksi and the reason she ended things with him. She said that she was unhappy with him and that she used to cry every night.

Baba Clear About Future

The Baba was clear that Karishma was unhappy with her relationship with Rushabh and the actor, Upen Patel, too is not going to last in her life.

Karishma Tired

When Baba revealed that Upen Patel is not the one she will be marrying in her life, Karishma will fall on the sofa expressing her tiredness.

Gautam Gulati

Janardhan Baba reveals to Gautam that he has had two serious relationships and that the current one too will not last long. He also said that he will go on to marry a well educated lady.

Dimpy Mahajan

Baba will reveal that Dimpy Mahajan has had a bad relationship previously and that the 'dhusht' in her life will leave and after him she will find happiness.

RJ Preetam

Baba will tell RJ Preetam that he might have an extra marital affair and that he has to be alert to stay safe. Preetam will be seen laughing it off.

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