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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: 7-Day Challenge Between Ishaani-Ritika!

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Color's show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is getting more and more interesting with each twist and turn. Ishaani (Radhika Madan) is now playing the one-sided game, as Ritika (Smriti Khanna) doesn't know about Ishaani's fake memory loss drama.

In the upcoming episode, Ritika will get to know about Ishaani's fake memory loss drama and she will challenge Ishaani. Our Ishaani too hasn't given up yet as it's about unfolding the truth behind Ishaani's mother Falguni's (Gauri Pradhan) murder.

Ishaani and Ritika take up a challenge of 7 days to bring forth each other's drama. Ishaani will challenge Ritika that she will make the latter accept all the crimes that she has done in the past while Ritika will challenge Ishaani that she will reveal the truth of her fake memory loss in front of all.

Spoiler: Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani-RV To Stay Seperate; Shikar Gets Drunk; Reveals Ishaani's Secret!

Whatever the drama is, in both dramas ‘bali ka bakras' are our ‘Aashiqs' - Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora). We had reported about the latest spoiler where Ishaani, along with Shikar, Sharman and Prateek will together do the Falguni ghost drama. Though, at first, the ghost drama turns out to be a success, as Ritika will be scared to death, later, Ritika will get to know the truth and will counterattack.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani-Ranveer Go On A Date; Falguni Ghost Drama - Ritika To Counterattack

On the other hand, Ishaani and RV's closeness during Ishveer's date will not be tolerated by Shikar and Shikar gets so badly drunk that he will leave the house, during a rainy night and bump into RV's car. Shikar will reveal the truth of Ishaani's fake memory loss to RV, who in turn gets confused!


RV will be worried as Ishaani was missing from the house. Ishaani says to Ranveer that she met Falguni ma and that how she got late to reach home.

Ritika Shocked

This shocks RV, Ritika and others at the house as Falguni was dead. Kaka asks RV not to reveal the truth as Ishaani has lost her memory and it may have adverse effect on her health.

RV Takes Ishaani To Doctor

RV takes her to the doctor, where he says to take care of Ishaani very carefully. He even suggests RV to take Ishaani to the places she liked which may help her to get her memory back.

Ishveer Dinner

RV plans to take Ishaani on a dinner date to the same restaurant where they had been during last the Valentines day.

Shikar Upset

Seeing RV taking care of Ishaani so well, Shikar gets upset, while RV and Ishaani get uncomfortable.


Though Ritika is shocked with this development, she has no other way but to accept.


Seeing Ishaani and RV close, Ritika doesn't bother, but smiles. This stuns Ishaani.


This is because Ritika will get to know about Ishaani fake memory loss truth.


Ishaani and Ritika will take 7-day challenge to reveal each other's secret.


Ritika will also threaten to push Chaitali from terrace and she will also ask Ishaani's family to move out of RV's house!

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